Why Perry Mandera’s Bill of Lading is Crucial

In this blog, Harry Mandera discusses the importance of the bill of lading and how crucial it is to business. Mr. Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc in Northlake Illinois more than 30 years ago. His experience with business is embraced with a vast knowledge of how businesses work. Mandera’s blog discusses the importance of the bill of lading.

The bill of lading can have up to three main purposes. It can serve as proof of a contract of carriage, a receipt of goods, and a document title to the goods sold.

It is crucial that the bill of lading is filled out correctly because the transportation carrier could be open to prosecution if mistakes are made on the document. If the bill of lading is acting as a receipt of goods, it is imperative that the document is correct. The receipt of goods proves to a seller that the transportation company has received the cargo that is being shipped. A receipt of goods also lets the business owner know that the goods are received in good condition. It could be critical if a buyer received damaged products because then the seller will be able to decide if the goods were damaged with the manufacturer or with the transportation company.

As a title to goods transported, the bill of lading allows a transfer to the rights to claim and transport the goods to another party. To make sure delivery goes smooth, the transportation company can transfer rights to a third-party during transit. The carrier has the right to hold the bill of lading until they have been paid for their services (https://twitter.com/perrymandera1).

Mandera, who is in charge of sales operations and business development at the Custom Companies, Inc., understand the importance of an accurate bill of lading therefore is offering electronic bill of lading. This is in hopes to provide his customers with excellent and easy service.