Susan McGalla Elaborating on How Women Can Achieve their Career Goals Through Proper Planning


Susan McGalla is a well-known and familiar face in the corporate circle of the United States. She is one of the few highly successful business executives in the country and is also one of the most sought after because of her financial and business expertise. Susan McGalla has helped many firms in ensuring that their business grows exponentially through the business development initiatives that she recommended. Susan McGalla in an interview said that she grew up with two brothers and thanks to the equal treatment given by her father, she never felt any lesser or higher in a male-dominated environment. It is what the secret behind her being so competitive is.

Susan McGalla said that women should be ambitious today and must have a plan to achieve their career goals. She added that women must give education top priority when planning their career as it would help them excel in the corporate world and ensure there are no roadblocks too severe to stop their growth. Susan McGalla said that it is natural for the women to come across some common issues at the workplace, which is due to the underlying problem of the glass ceiling that has been there for ages. However, she also added that things are changing and the companies are adding sponsorship opportunities for dedicated women professionals that show caliber to move ahead in their career.

Susan McGalla said that it is imperative for women to choose a career they are interested in and complete education in that area to ensure they can get started in the industry without difficulties. As education is essential to land a good job, Susan McGalla says that women today must not compromise on their knowledge and must not only focus on getting admitted in a good university but must also get good grades. It would help get a job in a reputed company with ease. Susan McGalla says that there are many women support initiatives and programs out there to help women leaders and professionals to come together and help each other achieve a better position in the corporate world.