Perry Mandera- Philanthropist with a vision and a passion for social advocacy

Perry Mandera is a social justice advocate and philanthropist. Starting out his business path as a transportation industry executive, he then established his next worthwhile venture. Perry formed The Custom Cares Companies Inc located in North Lake, Illinois (Ideamensch). He has helped countless amounts of people locally and globally. In addition to helping local police departments in Illinois, he has helped with disaster relief, including during Hurricane Katrina, needy children particularly during the holiday season, and many more important social topics. Perry Mandera also supports veterans after they return to civilian life by helping them become employed upon their arrival back home. Custom Cares works in conjunction with many known social groups, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Toys for Tots, Support Our Troops and many more.

In addition to supporting humanitarian efforts, Perry is an environmental advocate. He works with the EPA, Environmental Protection Advocacy to make transportation environmentally friendly. He targets freight transportation by working to lower carbon emissions. Perry works with professionals to track emissions and document fuel usage.

One of the many groups he supports is The Illinois State Crime Commission. This group is a not for profit organization that works in partnership with Police Athletic League. Tackling many issues that affect the communities in the Chicago area, ISCC provides training for local police departments. This enables police to be able to approach difficult situations that arise in a proactive way. ISCC works to decrease many adverse social issues, such as domestic violence, underage drug and alcohol possession, and driving under the influence of substances. Gang violence is also an ongoing dilemma in Chicago communities. ISCC works to reduce that issue, as well through trainings and other educational tools.

While Perry Mandera is very busy with many humanitarian efforts, he is also on the ITA’s list of top 100 transportation executives. In addition to the many things that Perry Mandera is a part of, he is on the board of Jessie White Tumblers and is a board member of Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. He is also a dedicated family man, church member and blogger.


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