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Adam Milstein Pursues His Clear Mission With His Family Foundation

One of the best things about Adam Milstein is that he has a clear mission. He has a clear direction of where he wants to lead people. Therefore, Adam Milstein makes sure that he leads those he helps to the right direction. He takes a lot of steps with the people he helps. One thing he does is focus on the group that he wants to help so that he can move it forward. Adam Milstein is an Israeli who is trying to help other Israelis in a way that will empower them to help themselves and others as they move forward with their lives.


One thing that Adam Milstein does in order to help others is to bring the focus on the type of people they are. He brings their Jewish roots up and has them connect with it so that they will feel the significance of their culture. Once they connect with their roots, then they will be empowered by their culture. They will also develop the desire to build their culture so that it will be stronger with their influence. As they rise up in their lives, they will also have a clear vision that they will be trying to fulfill.


Adam Milstein always establishes himself as an example of someone who is going to be successful as a Jew. He makes it so that others will be inspired to follow his example. One thing he does is inspire so that people will find it easier to pursue similar goals to what he has. One of the most influential people is going to be the one that inspires and empowers others. Adam Milstein is someone who is deemed influential because of what he does for people. He is also humble in that he does not consider himself any better. View Related Info Here


Also, Milstein is a philanthropist, and his work focuses on Israel and the Jewish people. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Foundation; the foundation helps students connect with their Jewish culture, while instilling Jewish pride along the way. Also, students learn how to be advocates on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. The foundation also helps many organizations in their efforts to strengthen the Jewish people, the State of Israel and the relationship between Israel and the US.


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Sujit Choudhry: Visiting Ukraine for a Proposal

Lawyer and academic Sujit Choudhry launched the Center for Constitutional Transitions in March 2012. The center became the world’s first when it comes to providing knowledge about how constitution building works. Today, there are more than 50 experts who are working together with Sujit Choudhry, and they are exchanging their ideas about the advantages and disadvantages of the constitutional building, and which kind of government best suits some societies around the world (  These experts came from more than 20 countries, and they have their own experiences handling issues related to foreign law, foreign diplomacy and foreign policy.

Recently, the group of Choudhry went to Kiev, Ukraine, and met with several officers from the remnants of the Ukrainian Government. The country went into chaos back in 2014, when the civil erupted, and Russia started annexing the region of Crimea. The president of Ukraine also decided to step down after a series of destabilization plots against him surfaced. What was left of the government of Ukraine are a few individuals who would like to restore peace and security all throughout the country? (  Being run by a kind of government that is traditionally not inclined on democracies similar to what is practiced in the United States, the government of Ukraine called on Sujit Choudhry and asked for his assistance on what they should do with their government.

Sujit Choudhry brought with him several experts who are working with the Center for Constitutional Transitions to provide additional information to the government. They stated that the best way for Ukraine to achieve peace and security is if they would be changing their constitution and adopting a democratic type which would give the power back to the people. The government of Ukraine is also shown some advantages and disadvantages of adopting a democratically centered constitution. In the end, the government of Ukraine advised the group of Sujit Choudhry that they will be looking further into their recommendations, and see what they can do from there.

Aside from Ukraine, the Center for Constitutional Transitions has also helped several countries which were in turmoil because of government issues, like Nepal and Egypt.  Related article on The group helped each country to return to their previous state and promote peace and security among their people.

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Sujit Choudhry – Constitutional Law Guru

A great leader once said that the constitution is the safeguard of free people’s liberties. Sujit Choudhry is the torchbearer of this philosophy. He heads the Center for Constitutional Transitions in the role of Director since the year 2012. The Center for Constitutional Transitions is an organization with global connections to help develop and reframe constitutions as per the specific needs of a country.

Sujit Choudhry traveled to Kiev in Ukraine to mediate talks about its constitutional system. His role was that of advisor to the Ukrainian government along with experts such as Thomas Sidelius and Sumit Bisarya. The primary aim of this meeting was to find solutions to the problems faced by Ukraine, as it transitions to a democratic ruling system.

Sujit Choudhry teaches law at Berkeley’s University of Law. He functions in the role of advisor about legal issues related to the constitution. His formal designation is the I. Michael Heyman Professor at the University where he has worked as Dean as well. He has held the many prestigious positions in the past such as the New York University’s Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law and the University of Toronto’s Scholl Chair (

Sujit Choudhry is widely acknowledged for his expertise in the field of constitutional understanding, its variations, and political knowledge (  He has been an invited speaker at many forums more than ten countries.  He has expressed his opinion of diverse issues such as reshaping the constitution to allow trouble-free changeover from war-affected to conflict-free situations and from dictatorial to democratic societies, constitutional restructuring in areas facing ethnic rift, mediation of decisions about formal language and many other critical subjects (  The Constitution of Canada has also been one of his favored fields of study and discussion.

Sujit Choudhry has been called upon to mediate constitutional-related discussions by countries all over the world, such as Yemen, Jordan, South Africa, Nepal, Libya, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Ukraine. He is also the author of notable publications such as articles, news pieces, and books. Some of his well-known books include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation, Constitution Making and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas.

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Adam Milstein Is Dedicated To Improving Quality Of Life Through The Milstein Family Foundation

Adam Milstein is recognized as a leader in the Jewish community today. Adam is also a real estate investor, philanthropist, and Israeli-American activist. Adam Milstein is an Israeli native himself, where he worked hard and finally graduated from Technion in 1978. After graduating, Adam decided to head over to the United States to earn his MBA, which he eventually earned from USC. After completing his education, Adam wanted to pursue real estate investments and found a position at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. This company manages a huge number of properties all over the country, amounting to more than 2 billion dollars in real estate.


Adam Milstein’s long hours and dedication to seeing his vision through has earned him a very successful spot in the real estate world. But on top of this success is also a desire to give back, which is why Adam Milstein started up the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation alongside his wife, Gila Milstein. This organization works daily to improve relations between the United States and Israel as well as simultaneously giving Jewish people a way of experiencing their true heritage. Educating the youth on their own culture and building a stronger connection to their roots builds a stronger voice for the Jewish community. See This Article to learn more.



According to Adam Milstein, philanthropy shouldn’t be a check-off on a list at the end of the year. Instead, it should be an aspect of every person’s life in order to help others in the community as a whole. The Milstein Family Foundation has three principles it follows for the foundation of their charity. This comes down to Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact, and Philanthropic Synergy. Through Active Philanthropy, MFF members participate in helping the organizations cause. Life Path Impact states that the MFF will work to continue support for each individual throughout their lives. The final principle, Philanthropic Synergy, means that the Milstein Family Foundation works with other organizations dedicated to philanthropy to compound their overall effect on the global community.

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For the past two years, The Chainsmokers have been hitting the Top Ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart on a regular basis with hits like, “Roses”, Grammy Award winning, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Closer”, “Paris”, and “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay. With that kind of hit-making success, they have high hopes for their just released single, “Sick Boy”.


The first release in nine months, “Sick Boy” changes direction for the duo in that it is darker than their previous turn outs. It is their freshman release from their forthcoming album still yet to be titled. (See: Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


The duo is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who met in 2012 while The Chainsmokers were being reformed. Two years later, with their sound that combines indie, pop and dance, they had their first chart success with “#Selfie”.


When asked about the meaning of the song, Taggart states that it points to kids growing up in the day of Instagram and Facebook. What was once meaningless and trivial has now become so important and takes priority. Taggart also states that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Taggart hopes that kids will take note of what is said in these new songs from Chainsmokers. Taggart wants listeners to start thinking about the way they interact and handle reality.


According to Taggart, “Sick Boy” is a just a song that describes how is feels to be living in the world today. It is hoped that listeners will take this song (and songs from their upcoming album) to heart and be able to relate to it in their own personal way.


Time will tell if the public agrees with this new “dark side” of The Chainsmokers. “Sick Boy” reached number sixty-five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is currently dropping off the chart. Go Here for more information.



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Sujit Choudhry: Leader in Political Knowledge

Sujit Choudhry meet with other high level experts where they talked about constitutional challenges the Ukraine is battling and the government system they currently follow.

Sujit Choudhry, the director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions, is also a professor for the School of Law at The University of California, Berkeley (   The workshop was held in Kiev, Ukraine.

The main topic of discussion at the workshop was how to improve the way the government of the Ukraine is running and governing the country. The hosts for this workshop included the Center of Policy and Legal Reform and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

Sujit Choudhry believes the country of Ukraine needed these topics discussed due to democracy in the Ukraine being unstable. There are several factors that have lead this instability. These factors include weakness within the political parties, the Prime Minister and President leading this country in an non united fashion, and the struggle for power within the Presidential roles of the Ukraine.

Sujit Choudhry was joined by many other experts at this workshop including Sumit Bisarya from International IDEA, representative of Ukraine on UN Human Rights Council, Vladimir Vasilenko, the advisor of the President of the Ukraine from 2005-2006, and many other experts.

Choudhry has spoken and provided his knowledge around the world in more than two dozen countries serving as their advisor for their constitutional processes. Sujit held this workshop soon after releasing his articles, case studies, and an academic collection called “Constitution Making”.

Sujit Choudhry served as dean at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He has held positions at two other institutes of higher education that include New York University and the University of Toronto (

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized for his lectures that he has held in over two dozen countries across the globe (  Choudhry earned multiple degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto. He is also the author of several books and publications.

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Michael Terpins -Leading the Way in Rallly Sports

Michel Terpins is a name to be reckon with in the world of rally racing. One of the most respected racer in rally racing, Terpins broke into the field in 2002, beginning in the motorcycle class. He soon worked his way up to the rally category, where he and his brother Rodrigo have earned a wealth of respect. In reality, the love and spirit to win in sports runs in the blood of the Terpins clan with his father Jack retiring from a fruitful basketball career and his also renowned brother Rodrigo.

Many consider rally racing the best and only kind of racing. It is a game for the elitist and not for the faint of heart. The well-known name of Michel Terpins is due to his unsinkable prowess in rally sporting. A Brazilian rally driver, Michel has made a huge splash in the rally sporting industry.

Terpins, a major competitor in the category Prototypes T1 has competitively raced in numerous prestigious competitions on his T-Rex He has earned several podium positions and maintained super classifications. At the Brazilian 2015 Cross Country Rally, Terpins graced the field in runner-up place.

Navigator Maykel Justo and Terpins participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally but faced mechanical problems, which cut them from the race. The duo was doing great until they sustained damage to the rear suspension and gearbox damage in the third round of the race. They had been in the lead during the first two rounds. True sportsmen, the two were disappointed, but happy to have been part of the race. The Sertoes Rally is riddled with challenges including poor terrain and unpredictable weather. However, that didn’t stop the duo, placing 4th in the Prototype T1 group and tenth position overall. The dynamic duo are considered one of the top five of the fastest racers in the event.

Michel and his brother have certainly made Brazil proud with their confidence and courage, and they will probably continue to do so for a long time.

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Stream Energy’s Green Power Outpaces the Competition

As the technology behind green energy continues to get more advanced and efficient, green eco-friendly energy companies like Stream Energy are finding themselves in the perfect place for continued long-term growth (Askreporter). On the contrary, energy companies that depend on fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum to power their services, are increasingly finding themselves falling by the wayside as consumers and government policies move to support more earth-friendly clean energy providers.

With states like California and New York recently passing even stricter carbon emissions reduction laws and moving towards wind, solar, and natural gas to fuel their respective states, it is getting harder for known energy company polluters to turn a profit. Both California and New York are known as policy trendsetters for the greater United States, so it is highly likely that more states will follow suit in passing much stricter carbon emission restriction laws.

Stream Energy’s services are largely powered by solar, natural gas, wind, and other clean energy sources. Energy’s huge growth in the recent years points to the fact that US-based energy consumers are becoming increasingly green-conscious and unwilling to financially support any company that is not onboard with the most modern clean energy standards. No one wants a dirty state, and the first step towards that agenda is removing the largest corporate polluters from the area, and that starts primarily in the energy sector.

The more traditional fossil fuel energy sector hit the hardest in the green energy shift has been coal. Coal energy providers have seen harsh national laws passed towards reducing their carbon emissions to such a level that many of the providers have been forced to go out of business. Coal-based energy is seen as one of the dirtiest and most prominent polluters out of any industrial sector. While there have been many advancements in clean coal energy over the last two decades that offer a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, governments and consumers alike feel a need to shift away from coal-based energy completely. It is widely agreed upon the consumer based dollars used to propel and advancement wind, solar, and natural gas energy production is money better spent on securing a cleaner and brighter future for everyone.


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With Delaware, Stream Energy’s Growth Continues Into 2018

Make that eight states now! On December 8th, 2017, Stream Energy entered the market of Delaware. This is the second market expansion for Stream Energy in 2017, with the Illinois expansion back in September 2017.

Stream Energy is a provider for wireless, protective, and home energy services. Since the company’s inception in 2005 in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy markets its services directly to customers.

President and CEO Larry Mondry heralded the entrance into Delaware’s market thanks the completion of a state licensing application. Along with the company’s home state of Texas, Stream Energy services Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Chief Operating Officer Dan O’Malley remarked how Stream Energy has made a name for itself in the northeast energy markets now thanks to the company’s entrance into Delaware.

In addition to entering the Illinois and Delaware markets in 2017, the company hired David Faranetta as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and as Executive Vice President. Faranetta’s hire, thanks to his financial management skills in energy markets, highlights how Stream Energy is looking to grow further in the coming years.

Much of the success of Stream Energy is owed to their home state’s utility grid. Back in 2001, Texas deregulated its energy utility system. This allowed a company like Stream Energy to directly communicate their services to customers. The ability of Stream Energy to grow in Texas helped the company expand and grow in ways that has led to its position today. This included efforts to enter the northeast energy markets which has become wildly successful. Over the span of 12 years, Stream Energy’s growth includes over $8 billion in revenue and accolades as one of the largest direct-selling energy companies in the global marketplace.

By entering the Delaware market, Stream Energy and its leadership under Mondry and Faranetta have immense opportunities to capitalize on in 2018.



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How Bob Reina Founded a Successful Emperor

Bob Reina is a technology expert who has transformed the market with his great products. The businessman founded a company known as Talk Fusion several years ago, and he has been working as the chief executive director since then. When Talk Fusion came into the market in the year 2007, it was mostly focusing on providing customers with video emails. Fortunately, the first product did so well in the complicated market, and it opened doors for more success. Reina has been recognized in the market because of what he is doing for the company. Reina is not a stranger to technology. According to his resume, the businessman had spent more than twenty years in the marketing and direct selling department before he could start the video marketing company. As the chief executive officer of the company, Reina is given the responsibility of spearheading the global success of the international company. His great and innovative vision has played a leading role in this success.


Apart from being highly experienced in marketing and direct selling, Bob Reina is respected for his passion when it comes to offering help to other people, charismatic leadership and great ideas. The businessman believes that the world can be a great place if everyone is committed to helping the community, friends, family and animal charities. As a role model to people in the world, Bob Reina has done his best to give back to the community and animal charities in all parts of the world. His personal features speak volumes about his success. The businessman wants to make the world a better place than he found it when he was born many years ago.


In a recent interview, Bob Reina shared his secrets to success. The businessman says that he was inspired to start his company, Talk Fusion. After working in the police department for more than ten years, the businessman felt that he was being limited by his paycheck and time. Bob Reina felt that there was a good way of controlling his life and at the same time helping the people in need. The businessman was always looking for a way to answer to the problems he was facing while working as a policeman.


One day, When Reina was working off-duty trying to direct traffic, Reina met an individual who introduced him to the successful world of network marketing. To date, the businessman believes that this was his turning point. Reina realized that this market made a lot of sense, and it was going to offer him the success he had been dreaming about for many years. Talk Fusion has been doing well because of network marketing. The businessman has never looked back since this day, and he has no regrets so far. Learn more: