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OSI Industries Began As Otto and Sons

OSI Industries evolved from a small meat market in the Chicago area during the early 1900s. The company was known as Otto and Sons. It was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky ran the business with his family and established it as a reliable source of meat products for every type of food organization within the area. Otto eventually turned the operation of the company over to his sons. His children continued the methods of success that made the company respected in the very beginning.

The sons later met Ray Kroc. Ray was a leader of the fast-growing McDonald’s Corporation. He was looking to expand his restaurants in the Chicago area and needed a meet provider that could handle the workload. He made a business arrangement with Otto and Sons and the relationship grew to an international level. Otto and Sons introduced several innovative business practices that made them stand out from the other meat suppliers that McDonald’s was using at the time. They were the first to bring cryogenic freezing into the fast food industry. Otto and Sons also introduced the meat patty cutting machine.

The patty cutting machine catered to the specific needs of the McDonald’s Corporation. Cryogenic freezing allowed them to store large amounts of product and deliver them freshly to their number one client. Otto and Sons went so far as to build an entire factory dedicated to the meat patty forming machine and cryogenic freezing tunnels. Before long they were tapped to be the exclusive provider of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation. The relationship with McDonald’s took the company to an international level. Soon after they became known as OSI Industries.

In 2011 OSI Industries was named the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States with an annual revenue of 3 billion dollars. This position rose to number 58 on the list by 2016 with annual revenue of 6.1 billion dollars. The company continues to grow and make acquisitions that spread its influence throughout the world. It acquired European food manufacturers Flagship Food Group and Baho Foods in an effort to solidify its operating capabilities in the European region. Both of these companies have subsidiary companies of their own which will help OSI Industries develope a unique place within the market.

OSI Industries operates plants in 17 different countries. It is spread throughout the United States and exist in different areas such as Oakland, Riverside California, Utah, Wisconsin and Chicago. OSI also acquired the chicago-based food manufacturer Tyson Foods. This purchase was made in order to save nearly 500 jobs at Tyson Foods. Many of the employees at the longtime Chicago meat manufacturer were offered jobs at OSI Industries.

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Karl Heideck Breaks Down The New Car Seat Law

     When the Newest Car Seat Laws came into effect in Pennsylvania, some may not have understood them, why they were relevant or the thinking behind them luckily an attorney from the greater Philadelphia area who specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management was on hand to break them down for the easy understanding of not only his clients but also the general public.

The car seat laws meant that all children under the age of two had to be buckled in and this had to be specifically done with their car seat facing backward. For all 2 to 8-year-olds, it’s now a requirement by law that they ride in a booster seat this would apply until they met one of the following conditions they either weigh 80 pounds and above or have acquired a minimum height of 4 foot 9 inches tall. By not following this rules one is in offense of the law and is liable for fines of up to $75.

Since the law came into effect police officers had been directed to issue warnings to any motorist who violated them.But starting August 12, 2017, motorists started getting issued with tickets for not having a child traveling with them buckled up in the recommended way.

Safety experts identified that children placed in a rear-facing car seat were considerably less susceptible to serious injury or death during a car crash. This due to the fact that children’s bodies are not strong enough to endure and/or absorb the impact that occurs of a collision but when buckled up in their seats the most vulnerable parts i.e their necks, heads, shoulders, and spines are protected and are in a better place to avoid injury during a crash.

Karl Heideck’s has been leading from the front in making his clients understand the importance of this new law he attended Swarthmore College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters in the year 2003. He then went on to study at the Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law and graduated with a Juris Doctor, Law in 2009. He immediately began practicing law and for the past 10 years, he has been at it.

Karl Heideck is a recognized professional and expert in legal research, product liability, legal writing, commercial litigation, employment law and corporate law. Karl Heideck is also a writer working to inform the public on various legal matters on a blog he runs. He has been very instrumental to the citizens of Pennsylvania in educating them on legal matters and new laws taking effect in the state.

Please see Child Car Seat Law In Pennsylvania By Karl Heideck for more.

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Greg Aziz, a Leading Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Gregory James Aziz is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. The firm is one of the leading railroad freight cars engineering and manufacturing globally. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Greg Aziz hailed from London, Ontario Canada and was born in 1949. He attended Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario where he pursued a degree in Economics. After school, Aziz joined Affiliated Foods in 1971 a family wholesale food business. The company grew to become one of the world’s leading importers of fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America. The company is also world’s number exporter of fresh foods to wholesale markets in the United States and Eastern Canada.

James Aziz in the late 1980s joined the banking industry in New York, and this gave him the opportunity to organize the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. National Steel Car was once a leading car manufacturer of railroad freight in Canada and Greg bought it with a view of reviving its lost glory. Greg Aziz emphasized on the company’s strong engineering capabilities, team building and made huge investments in capital and human resources and within a period of five years the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities from 3500 cars per year to 12000 cars. In addition, employment rose from about 600 workers to around 3000. See More Information Here.

The company today has risen to be the industry-leading engineering and manufacturing company with new car innovations and manufactured thousands of railroad freight cars annually. National Steel car boasts of being the only ISO certified company in railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering for 18 consecutive years and has several rounds of re-certification. The company under Greg James Aziz’s leadership has achieved a lot and among its achievements is the TTX SECO highest quality award which the company won as from 1996.

James Aziz besides being a businessman is also a philanthropist, and as part of giving back to the community, the National Steel Car has been involved in a lot of charitable activities some of which include the sponsoring of the Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and Salvation Army among others. The company has worked with the Hamilton community with the aim of making their lives better and has employed more than 2000 residents. National Steel Car organizes end year Christmas parties for its employees and their families. The company is also a major participant in Ontario’s food drives. Moreover, Greg together with his wife Irene are the major sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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How Gregory J Aziz Defines Leadership

Who is Gregory J Aziz?

Rail freight and tank car manufacturing may not seem like the most exciting industry, but National Steel Car, under Gregory James Aziz’s leadership, is an example of how a humble commitment to quality and a relentless drive to succeed can uplift any business.


James Aziz is the current chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, which manufactures railroad freight cars for product distributors in North America. He has been the company’s CEO since 1994, and has maintained the company’s reputation for high standards and customer loyalty.


Gregory Aziz’s Background and Education

Greg Aziz was educated at Ridley College, a prestigious private boarding and day school, before going on to pursue a degree in Economics at Western University in London, Ontario. After graduating he worked in his family’s food import business before moving into investment banking. In 1994, Gregory was responsible for overseeing the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco, and helped position the company as not just a Canadian business, but one that would be able to proudly serve all of North America.


About National Steel Car

National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has been a heavyweight in railroad car manufacturing for over 100 years. That’s a long time to be in business, but Greg Aziz makes sure that the company never rests on its laurels – honoring the traditions of the past while always keeping a firm eye on the future.


The company currently manufactures 15 different kinds of rail cars and is always working with both current partners and new clients to create new solutions, whether it’s an innovative way to transport auto parts or a car that’s designed to minimize product damage while increasing loading capacity.


National Steel Car has been regularly recognized with the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee (SECO) award for over a decade, an award that recognizes the highest standards in supplier performance, customer service, finance, and quality assurance. This is a testament to the strength and vision that Greg Aziz brings to the business.


The company is tremendously loyal to Hamilton, and supports many local charities. Every year, National Steel Car employees participate in the company’s annual Christmas Party and its food drive for local food banks.


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Gregory James Aziz’s Focus on quality in the National Steel Car

Understanding the importance of quality productions

At the family business, Gregory James Aziz received the important lesson of focusing on quality as a means of gaining the trust of the customers. Since there was a high competition rate in the family business in Canada, he managed to create a unique brand which sold in the country and abroad. From his experience, Greg James explains that a quality product will create its demand. The quality of production would reduce the need for marketing and spend additional resources in making the product known in the market. In his contribution to the family business, Greg Aziz focused on the quality of the product which, led to the increase in sales.



Increasing production in National Steel Car

In 1994 when Gregory James Aziz took over as the CEO of the National Steel Car, the number of cars produced was very small. The production could hardly sustain the Canadian market, and this led to lower profitability. With time, there was a difficulty in improving the state of production until Gregory James ordered for a company audit. It was this document that changed the operation principles of the company. The first step that Greg Aziz took increased the rate of production. Since there were 600 employees by the time he took over as the CEO, it was important to increase the workforce to meet the market demands.



Quality in leadership

In most cases, new companies tend to come up with new policies that affect the operations of the companies. James Aziz came up with a special type of leadership. Since there were employees in the company when he joined, he used the same people to improve the rate of production. The employees already understood the operational processes and their flexibility would be the turning point of the company’s operations. Gregory James Aziz did the internal promotions to maintain the production as he planned on improving the quantity. See This Article for related information.



Maintaining the quality of productions

For the past 20 years, the National Steel Car has been receiving the certification for the quality of parts produced. Currently, the company spends the least on marketing since its products market the operations. Based in Canada, the company has outshined the big names in the motor vehicle industry because of the quality of its products. The production has been extended to other parts of North America, South America as well as most countries in Europe.

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What Sets Gregory Aziz Apart from Other Executives in the Railroad Industry

The railroad industry has a lot to thank Gregory Aziz for. He has achieved a lot in his position as CEO of National Steel Car. The story of how he ended up becoming the CEO of the company is rather interesting. In his late 30s and early 40s, Gregory James Aziz worked in the banking industry in New York, and gained a lot of experience in various aspects of running a business during that time. This is how he was able to successfully negotiate for National Steel Car in 1994. This led to the company being bought from Dofasco and that was when he became the CEO of National Steel Car. With such extensive experience and business acumen, he was the best candidate for the position and he has proven his worth over and over. Check out His Page Here.

How Gregory J. Aziz has managed to keep National Steel Car on an Upward Trajectory for so long


The nature of the railroad industry requires anyone involved to always be on toes, otherwise they risk sinking into oblivion and being overtaken by the competition. James Aziz is well aware of this fact and makes all decisions with this in mind. Before embarking on any projects at the company, he does a careful analysis of its viability, taking into consideration the anticipated changes in the industry. This way, the company is able to provide its customers with innovative solutions to their needs and keep the demand for its products high.  See This Article.


Gregory J Aziz is a man of principles and ensures that National Steel Company is run on the highest ethical standards. For him, it is not just about the sales and profits. If it means sacrificing profits in order to be in compliance with industry standards, then so be it. His first priority is his customers; their safety always comes before all else. This strong commitment to client safety and satisfaction is what has earned National Steel Company so many loyal clients in Canada and beyond. National Steel Company is the only railroad company in North America that is ISO-certified, and this is largely due to Greg Aziz’s excellent leadership.



Greg Aziz has proven to be an invaluable asset to National Steel Car and to the railroad industry at large. His passion for the industry is what keeps him focused on his goals and with such zeal, he is unstoppable. National Steel Car is expected to achieve a lot more under his excellent leadership.

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Profiteer Paul Mampilly Ask “What Are You Doing With Your Money”?

     Paul Mampilly, Senior Editor and strategist for Profits Unlimited, over at Banyan Hill, say innovation is one of the main engines of economic growth, a fundamental tool through which companies add value to their products and services. So why aren’t you taking advantage of these profit potentials?

Mampilly, is an expert resource of financial information, and has built a successful following among investors looking to make big gains. He says innovation is a good growth path for businesses and investors, even in bullish periods Mampilly took advantage of one of the most well-known, successful companies, Netfllix, in 2008, and realized a whopping 634 percent Today, he’s known for his relentless pursuit of young innovative companies that show potential for fast profits, as well as some long-term gains.

Besides being a seasoned strategist, and consultant, Paul Mampilly is a mentor and investment coach, offering weekly updates, and suggestions to navigate the ever-changing landscape of investments. He’s been delivering practical and actionable advice on his Profits Unlimited blog, becoming so popular that he now boasts 60,000+ subscribers.

Mampilly says he performs exhaustive research, and completes hours of example scenarios before making the information available to subscribers.

Mampilly has worked as a hedge fund manager, assistant, then senior portfolio manager, and investment analyst for large companies like Deutsche Asset Management and Bankers Trust.. While proud of the financial services he has provided throughout his career, he’s especially honored to help mainstream investors build profitable portfolios.

Mampilly says fortunes are made and lost everyday but many people are not willing to try because they feel the industry is too challenging. If you want to succeed, it is important to begin with a solid understanding of how investment in the stock market works, and Mampilly offers his knowledge in his newsletter.

Listening to ideas and expert predictions will help develop an investment strategy, and with more than 60,000 online subscribers, Paul Mampilly’s Profit Unlimited is undoubtedly a classic investment tool to take advantage.

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Looking into the Life of Daniel Mark Harrison

Recently, Monkey Capital a Blockchain development and news and information service firm decided to change their domain name Monkey. Capital the name that they have used since the company was founded in two thousand and fifteen to The current managing partner Daniel Mark Harrison stated in a post that the change would create a new window for the Blockchain Company to access new assets market.

Daniel said that with Monkey’s quick rise to the top in the business and with a strong base of over a thousand digital assets fans the company had to look for new way to scale the new areas of the assets marketplace. Harrison has made great steps in the Cryptocurrency banking that has made his name one to be revered, in additional to being an expert in the Blockchain sector Daniel is somewhat of a jack of all trades with skills in a variety of fields. Isabella Kaminski described him as a serial entrepreneur this may be due to the many business ventures that he has involved himself in, he is also described as an author, publisher, and Editor-in-chief she went to further describe him as a brilliant inventor in the Factory Banking sector as well as an enthusiast of the Bitcoin 2.0.

He is the current Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of the family business Daniel Mark Harrison & Co Ltd, a global investment company with operational offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. In addition to being the managing partner at Fintech as well as at Monkey Capital a Blockchain venture capital firm, Harrison is the author of The Millennial Reincarnations, which was published in 2015.

Harrison has had vast training and his education has played a major role in creating the man he is now. He began his higher education in nineteen ninety-eight to ninety-nine at Oxford University where he attained a B.A in Theology, he continued on and joined BI Norwegian Business School in 2005 to 2006 where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Business administration and later in 2007 to 2008 a Master’s degree in Journalism at NYU. Harrison’s vast knowledge and skill have been the backbone of his vast success in life.

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The Legacy of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a great leader that deserves special mention in the business world. He has transitioned from one level to another by overseeing some of the biggest success in each of the organization.

Born on June, 25th 1957 in Montreal, Chenevert was considered a brilliant child, and this was evident in the way he did his things.
The French-Canadian born Chenevert started honing his business acumen skills right from his schooling days. His knack for business led him to pursue a degree in bachelor of commerce at the prestigious University of Montreal. He majored in production management.
Soon after graduating, he started his career by taking up a position at the General Motors. He served in the capacity of Production General Manager of Therese Operation. He worked at General Motors for 14 years.
In 1993, he joined Pratt & Whitney where he served as the president. He held the position up until 2006 and joined UTC where he served in the capacity of chairman and CEO.
Besides these major roles, Chenevert has held several other notable positions in various organizations including the tax and fiscal policy committee, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board among others.
His excellent service in the business, lead to him being given the award for Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in 2005. Other awards he won include Honor Award from the National Building Museum and an honorary doctorate from HEC Montréal.
During his tenure at these companies, he achieved tremendous feats. First was sealing the Goodrich deal while working at General Motors. The second was during his time at UTC where he oversaw a period of significant technological innovation. His best was the development of the Geared Turbofan that received considerable praise from the industry players.
In the whole of his career, Chenevert believed that for any company to have a competitive edge over its competitors, then it has to make massive investments on all fronts. To him, investments in technological innovation and employee training were the best options.
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Greg Aziz On Leadership

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO and President of the National Steel Car Company in Ontario Canada. Greg started doing business from an early age as he helped in the family business Food Affiliates Company that deals with the importing and distributing of fresh food products. The parents trusted him with minor roles as he grew up since he did not have enough experience or knowledge to hold a senior position. Nevertheless, they desired to have him learn some basic skills about business so they kept him involved in the affairs of the business. The above largely contributed to the career path that James Aziz took as he studied Business Administration at the Ridley College and later majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario.

After his degree, Greg’s parents entrusted him with a senior managerial role in the company with his main duty being in administrative affairs of the firm. Greg’s dad felt that the son could now oversee the activities of the Food Affiliates Company. In the tenure of his leadership, James Aziz catapulted the company from a local level to an international standard. Food Affiliates began importing food from Europe, Central, and North America. The employees in the company also increased; so did its production and profitability level. The employment terms were also upgraded, helping lower the turnover rate in the firm. Greg delegated his duties, mentored and coached followers, who would take over his position just before leaving for the investment and banking industry in the late 80s.

Greg Aziz stayed in the banking sector in New York until he bought the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco. Greg wanted to expand the firm to serve more people at more excellent terms. He also desired to change the corporate culture and make it more people driven than profit driven. The above was achieved after 5 years of operations as the productivity of the company rose from 3500 to 9000 vehicles per annum. At the same time, 1800 employees were added to the former 600 employees who worked in the firm. Another sector that changed was the production sector, where the products now matched the customer specifications. Greg asked the workers to customize all products to the customers’ needs, as that would translate to more satisfied customers.

Greg Aziz also motivated his workers by giving them satisfactory packages and creating a friendly work environment in the office. He also served as a transformational leader, who listens to all the grievances of the workers and addresses them as desired. The suppliers in the firm are also treated with respect as Greg has marinated the same team since the time he bought the company. At the same time, he looks into the needs of the community in his production. Read More on this Page.