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Tidal Gets a Lift From Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has been the champion that Tidal has needed to take the music streaming service to another level. It has been during her time with the company that title has seen the best profits. Shawn Carter, also known as Jay Z, has made it his business to hire someone that really knows how to negotiate contracts. He has the ability to compete successfully with other music streaming services because now he has an executive in place that is able to strategically improve inside operations.


Perez has been able to do this because she has had a lot of practice. She has spent a long time carving out a place for herself in the business world. She has established herself as someone that can negotiate contracts fearlessly, and she has also ventured into nightclub businesses. This type of experience gives her the ability to assess what can be profitable for a music streaming service like title. She may not have any prior experience in the field of music streaming services, but she really doesn’t have to. Shawn Carter is someone that has been in the music business for more than two decades. He has the ability to work with Perez and bring his streaming service to a massive audience. This is a good working relationship between Desiree Perez and Shawn Carter that has proven that there is more than enough room for multiple music streaming services.


Tidal has been noticed by big companies like Sprint. This is because people like Desiree Perez have been pouring her energy into this company. She is someone that has managed to build up other businesses, and now she is dedicated to getting Tidal to where it needs to be. Customers are paying attention to the changes that are now occurring with this music service.


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The EOS Lip Balm Phenomenon

EOS, know as the evolution of smooth, seems to be everywhere. The popularity of their colorful flavored lip balms has skyrocketed. Celebrities are loving these little pods as well. Available in a myriad of flavors, the favorites of customers appears to be unanimous.

What’s so great about these lip balms? People have been moving towards organic products more these days. Since 2009, EOS lip balm has been boasting about their petroleum-free 95% organic aspects of the products. Other benefits include the following:

  • 100% natural ingredients, including Shea butter and jojoba oil
  • Glides on the lips
  • Promotes smooth lips without over-drying
  • Petroleum and paraben-free aspects prevent from having to reapply frequently
  • Vitamin E antioxidant
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic

As a small startup company, they’ve achieved success against very large corporations who’ve been in business a lot longer. Their innovative packaging has been a huge draw for customers as well as flavors such as sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, and lemon drop.. Passion Honeydew variety is available on Amazon. Consumers love the smell but state it’s not overpowering. Selling at only $3.29 on Target, people are raving about the assortment of flavors. Pages of positive reviews in high-profile magazines attest to their success and the customers’ satisfaction.

Other companies attempt to emulate the lip balms in flavor and appearance, but they can’t compare to the original. With thousands of followers on social media platforms, consumers share their favorite flavors while praising the product. The luscious flavors and benefits of the lip balms keep customers loyal to the brand.

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James Dondero’s Aid to Those In Need

On October 4th, 2016, James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management made the announcement that his firm will make a generous challenge grant of $1 million to The Family Place, Dallas. The grant works by matching The Family Place with fifty percent of whatever they can fundraise up to $1 million. With this kind of opportunity, the project will have a vast amount of opportunity to grow.


The Family Space, Dallas, is a Texas Based program that offers resources and support to those that have suffered from family abuse. Programs like this are drastically important for the well-being of many youth and women in this country. Highland Capital and Dondero see this and have big hearts so they do their best to support the program.


James Dondero is an experienced businessman with over 30 years of work in the field of credit and equity markets. Throughout his time co-founding and working with Highland Capital Management, he has brought the company some great success and will likely continue to grow the company, both financially, and in size of staff, creating more jobs for people who need them.


Dondero has worked with the company to create an exceptional amount of award winning products. These achievements have earned him some much-deserved recognition in the business community. Most of these products are based around real estate investing maintain their position as some of the best on the market.


Under the lead Of James Dondero, Highland Capital Management has grown to be a large company that strives to help other in any way possible. They are definitely deserving of a spotlight for both their high-quality services and products and the things they choose to do to help others with their income.

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How Does Equities First Help Their Customers With Loan Products?

Equities First is a loan firm that helps everyone who is in need with a private loan that will amount to quite a lot of money. The wealthy individuals and businesses that are requesting funds from the company will find the loans are built properly for anyone who needs them. They loan large amounts of money where needed, and they do so without a given purpose. This article explains how Equities First ensures customer satisfaction, and they will do so with a bit of personal service.

#1: How Does The Company Offer Services?

Equities First is a lovely company to use when the borrower requires personal care. They may apply at any time, and they will speak with someone at the company who is willing to listen to a full loan request without interruption. The loan application is quite simple, and it is something that helps the customer when they are in need of help. They may ask for any amount of money they like, and they need not justify their loan.

#2: How Are Loans Approved?

The loan approval process is quite short as the company does not wish to force the customer to wait. They know that each borrower is in need of money that will serve them, and forcing someone to wait too long for their money. Banks often move too slowly, and the staff at Equities First is not in the business of allowing their customers to languish.

#3: How Are The Loans Funded?

The loans are funded by the company as soon as they are closed. Every customer may choose the terms of their loans that are best for them, and they will find it simple to repay given the parameters they have chosen. It is simpler to use the Equities First process than any other.

#4: How Are The Loans Closed?

Closings are completed by the company every day, and they are done with an attorney present who will witness the contract signing. The loan is funded the same day, and everyone walks away from the table with the funding they require.

The finest loan products are found at Equities First, and they are offered to customers when they are most in need of extra cash flow. The customer does not need to offer any explanation to the company, and they are approved in moments. The simplicity of the process helps each customers find what they need.

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Securus Wins Prestigious Sales And Customer Service Award

Securus Technologies announced that it had been named a finalist in the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Securus Technologies is a premier provider of civil and criminal justice solutions. Stevie Awards organize seven globally recognized business awards shows. I have seen that the final results will be announced at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There was more than 2300 organizations up for nominations this year, and the finalists were determined by the average scores of 77 international judges and the entries were considered in 61 separate customer service categories.

In a statement I saw that the Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, commented that the company was committed to raising the bar in customer service and employee training. The company focuses on empathy for their customers and helping them through trying times with compassion and dignity. The founder and President of Stevie Awards, Michael Gallagher, commented that the judges were inspired by the many stories of success that they were exposed to from many of the participants involved.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and serves public safety, law enforcement, and correctional agencies across the nation, in addition to over 1.2 million inmates. Among the services they offer are communication, investigation, and emergency response. More about the company can be found at


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Brad Reifler Helping Others To Make a Difference

Do you want to improve your personal finances? If so, working with a professional is one of the best things that you can do. A lot of people simply need some guidance in this area in order to do the things that they want in life. There are a lot of people who have high levels of debt and invest little for the future. This is a bad combination, especially if you want to build wealth over time. Brad Reifler is someone who has helped thousands of people over the years with their finances. If you need help, he is a great person to work with.

Brad Reifler

When it comes to helping others, few people are as good as Brad Reifler in the financial services industry. Over time, he knows how to build out a plan that makes sense for others. There are a lot of people who have radically changed their financial position simply by working with him and getting on a plan. He has a lot of knowledge with investing, but he is also able to help people in other ways as well. If you want to build wealth for the future, he is the person to work with.

Helping Others

Brad Reifler is all about helping others. He knows the struggles that most people have when it comes to their finances. The good news is that you do not have to struggle financially forever. He is the type of person who is always looking for a solution to problems that clients have. With all of the changes in recent years, there is more technology than ever before when it comes to your finances. You can develop a plan and stick with it with his help.

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The Encounters of Doug Levitt on Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is an American singer/song writer and a former foreign correspondent for NBC, ABC, and CNN. More than 10 years ago, Levitt begun riding on Greyhound buses across America in an effort to gather experiences, pictures, songs, and memories of Americans who commuted by bus. The following web page will review the reason Levitt decided to engage in this encounter and the lessons he learnt along the way.



What Was Levitt’s Motivation to Abandon His Career and Travel U.S. on Greyhound?



After returning to the U.S. from oversees, Doug Levitt looked at the number of people struggling with poverty and considered how this situation was not sufficiently publicized. In a bid to make a difference and drawing inspiration from the Works Progress Administration era projects, Levitt decided to travel to different parts of the U.S. on the greyhound and write stories and songs detailing the experiences of those struggling to make ends meet.



Levitt’s Thoughts on Recession in Washington DC



While many seem to think that Washington DC was immune to the recession, Levitt tends to disagree. According to Levitt, the great recession concerned the subprime or mortgage crisis. However, Levitt observes that there is also a sub-subprime, and a sub-sub-subprime. The interpretation here is that while there are others struggling to buy homes, there is another category of people who cannot even bear the thought of affording to buy a house. Therefore, Levitt finds that this situation is not even remotely addressed as it should have. While things have changed since the recession, Levitt found that those who commute through the Greyhound have one thing in common; they cannot afford to buy their own cars.



About Doug Levitt



Born in 1972,Levitt grew up in Washington D.C. He is the last born of Carol Schwartz, former D.C. Council member and David Schwartz. Levitt studied in D.C. public schools and graduated from Woodrow Wilson high school. At the age of 16, Levitt’s father ended his own life, an ordeal that motivated him to become an artist.



Levitt graduated from the Cornell University and later, through a scholarship, acquired a Masters in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Levitt has enjoyed a prosperous career being featured by news giants such as CNN, Fox News, Reuters, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.


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Sam Tabar Empowers Women Through SheThinx

Investment Strategies

From Investment to businesses, we all have the desire to create more wealth in our lives. However, investment strategies do not sound as exciting as the actual thought of investing. That is why every new year; most people refer to Sam Tabar’s article on investment and stock trading. Following the Fidelity Investments reports conducted recently, surveys on investment have it that approximately 54% of consumers are planning to make plans for the New Year. Since investment can be challenging and overwhelming, he has you covered with some strategies to see you through your investment plans. His mission has been to assist newcomers with conquering the world of investment by teaching them how to heighten their net worth while planning for retirement.

Actual Saving Plans

With the investment trends transforming from time to time, Sam Tabar cautions people interested in commodity trading. To him, commodity investment is riskier that any investment plan. Since commodity markets are volatile compared to stock markets, it is vital for investors to research before putting money in it. According to him, it is not wise for casual investors to put their resources in commodities because earning profits take a lot of time. Also, commodity investors have to own wherewithal finances for loss absorption. This is because the volatility of the investment is susceptible to losses.

 Private Business

The second investment docket according to him is a private business. With the rise in social entrepreneurship, people are running to the social media platform to offer assistance to others. With his understanding of the platform after investing in women’s undergarment line called THINX, he endorsed marketing through social media. For the business THINX, every sale promotes the donation of seven sanitary towels to AFRIpads. AFRIpads channels the towels to the less fortunate women in Africa.


Having spent most of his time and career in the industry of fund and management, Sam Tabar offered fund managers to institutional investors like foundations, fund of funds, endowments and family offices. His vast experience roots from his works in many companies including Sparx Group. He managed all global marketing departments.

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Best Lung Stem Cell Treatment At The Lung Institute.

Lung Institute is dedicated to providing patients with chronic lung diseases with a lasting solution. We have gained world-wide recognition for the application of revolutionary and decent therapies for lung diseases. Vast knowledge and experience of the doctors enable them to guarantee an excellent patient experience, safety, and quality healthcare. Stem cell transplants utilize the autologous stem cells and the platelet-rich plasma to facilitate the healing of the damaged tissues. This stem transplant is aimed at improving the quality of life thus helping patients have a smooth and non-complicated breathing.

At the Lung Institute, patients undergo comprehensive screening and analysis of their health history and the current condition to enable our physicians to establish the best treatments unique to them. Applying the essential maintenance capabilities of stem cells, our doctors withdraw and separate the patient’s stem cell from their blood. When the stem cells are ultimately introduced into the body, they rest in the lungs where they bring about healing. The therapy aims at bringing about a natural healing and preventing inflammation. A more detailed information on COPD and other lung diseases can be found at

The lung institute’s doctor, Jack Coleman, Jr., will present the advantages of the stem cell therapies and the recent trends in the application of the same. The third international congress event will be held to discuss the use of stem cells in today’s treatment and improvement for use in future. Doctor Jack Coleman affirmed that traditional processes of treatment are limiting and are not as effective as stem cell therapy. Stem cell technology is taking over the way things are done in the contemporary medical field.

At our facility, we do stem cell transplant by utilizing the patient’s stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of the damaged tissue. Treatment options available for outpatients involves procedures that improve the quality of life of the patients and help them breathe easily. The stem cells are withdrawn from the body, treated and re-introduced back to the body where they rest in the lungs hastening holistic healing and reduction of inflammation. There is plenty of treatment options available and if you want to know more about them, please contact our patient coordinators and schedule a free consultation. Read the testimonials,

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The Success of Danilo Diaz Granados’ Business Ventures

Danilo Diaz Granados is an accomplished entrepreneur who controls his business from Miami. He has an exceptional understanding of investment and finance. Danilo is an alumnus of the Babson College (Massachusetts campus). He owns an office in Miami and uses it to offer solid investment guidance to his clients in the region. He has made many remarkable career achievements, and they include being employed by the FCP where he serves as an affiliate of the Equity Investment Program’s connections unit. The leading enterprises that are owned by Danilo are Toys for Boys and Glory Films. The businessman also plays management roles at his companies.

Mr. Granados has been serving as an affiliate of the Fireman Capital Camp since 2015. He is responsible for conducting examinations on a wide array of aspects that can lead to positive transformations in the investment equity sector. The major elements that he has been devoted to studying at the FCP are innovative startup enterprises, hedge funds, and energy. Danilo Diaz Granados also carries out analysis of different location to know the social, creative, and population aspects that can impact business. The outstanding career that he has had in the investment sector has offered him the adequate knowledge that he uses in counseling clients on various investment platforms.

Granados has been using his business, Toys for Boys, in holding various magnificent gigs that target the affluent population of Miami. In July 2016, he held one of the grand events, and it featured various entertaining undertakings. The activities that were in at the gig included Dom Perigon bottles, fun races, helicopter flights, sunset boat rides, elite previews, and delicious cuisine. Mr. Granados created Toys for Boys in 2013.

The event was attended by several affluent guests. Danilo handpicked some of them to attend a friendly breakfast gathering that was held at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center. He offered them an exclusive chance to preview that new residential structure that is being erected in Biscayne. Various companies facilitated the event to ensure its success, and they include Gryphon Racing, Air Commander Aerospace, and Van Dutch Americas.