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Brazil Wants Iran To Be A Key Trading Partner

Brazil’s President Michel Temer has been traveling around the world for the last four months. Temer wants to strengthen Brazil’s export business. The new president wants to sign new trade agreements with countries like the UK, China, United States, Argentina and other countries is important. One old relationship is getting new life. Iran has been Brazil’s trading partner for years, and both countries want to increase trade with each other. Iran and Brazil have been friends for years. Both countries the healthy economic relations that stretch across the mining, technology, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries. The energy industry is also part of that list.

Brazil has always stayed away from political conflicts. The largest economy in the Latin world got that way by being friends with countries around the globe. One of Brazil’s best trading partners is China. No one knows that better than Flavio Maluf, the president of the global building material supplier, Eucatex. China has been building new offices, retail spaces, and homes for the last five years and Eucatex is one of China’s go-to companies for building materials.

Eucatex wasn’t always an international company. The Maluf family business started when Flavio’s grandfather owned the Sawmill Americana Sawmill in the state of Sao Paulo. The sawmill cut a lot of eucalyptus trees in the 1950s for the domestic construction industry. The sawmill had a lot of cut eucalyptus wood that was left over from the construction orders. Grandfather Maluf decided to make a ceiling tile out of the leftover wood. He showed his new product to a few customers, and they placed orders to buy the inexpensive and good looking ceiling tiles. The demand for the tiles grew. Maluf started a new company just to handle the demand for the tiles. He called that company Eucatex.

Today, Eucatex is one of the top companies in the building supply and home improvement industries. The company has offices in cities around the globe. Flavio Maluf is of Brazil’s leading advocates of the clean air agreement. Maluf is also a leading environmentalist. All Eucatex factories and offices use renewable energy and have an in-house recycling program in place.

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Geoffrey Cone Offers Response To Much Hyped Foreign Trust Issue

Many professionals have gone to several media outlets to pour their thoughts regarding the changes that have occurred in the law sector, specifically touching on foreign trusts. Transacting through foreign accounts and making processes easier for all has remained a challenge for people from the local market. The media has taken the issue up and penned several opinions about how many changes are likely to occur should the government make good their promise to create a tax haven.


Many highly regarded professionals especially from the legal fraternity have also contributed their opinions on the issue and advised on what the government should consider integrating to ease the across the border transactions that individuals do through trusts and transfer of estate rights. Taxation has remained the biggest challenge in implementing these suggestions and as Geoffrey Cone cites the problem, a country that qualifies to be ranked among tax havens by OECD will have easy time handling such processes.


According to OECD requirements, a country is supposed to comply with the set regulations that demand for transparency in the taxation process. Also having a seamless system that offers lower tax rates to the citizens would help to create a tax haven where transactions that cross the border would become easier and simpler. The 2002 transparency report and laws released by OECD offer a clear map that any country can use to develop a fair foreign trust system.


Despite all the woes in the domestic environment, New Zealand has made strides in other areas like offering free and fair transaction processes for foreign exchange of estate and trusts. They have come up with a system that has advanced the relationship between the country and other regions where similar legislation is instituted. It is possible for other governments to receive vital information whenever they make requests to New Zealand.


Geoffrey Cone

As an experienced lawyer, Geoffrey Cone has come up with a service that has portrayed the New Zealand law industry in bright light. He has showcased the dedication and talent the profession has earned over the years through his firm Cone Marshall, which he founded in 1999. Cone Marshall is among professionals who have been involved deeply in the management of vital resources that have led to a transformation of the law industry of the country. Having worked as a lawyer since 1980, he has come up with policies and ideas that have made procedures easy for junior lawyers working under him.



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Financial Advice 101 With Brad Reifler

Recently, Brad Reifler shared some insight about how to be successful in business. He also insisted on the importance of sharing the information. With this insight, one can learn about the important principles about life.Reifler insisted about the importance of budget in life. Reifler insists that just like businesses create budgets, individuals should also create their budgets. This helps a person to figure out what is important and what should be put aside. He insists on the importance of balancing expenses and income. This way, you will be able to save more and anticipate future needs. This way, you will also be able to deal with debts.

Another thing that Reifler insisted is the importance of understanding the deductions that come along with your pay slip. Some deductions include federal government taxes as well as social security deductions. Other deductions include health deductions, local taxes, and state taxes. This helps you understand as to why you receive little money compared to your salary. Reifler advises young people to save as it’s very easy to become rich by saving little cash every day. The saved money gets to earn interest and is added to your balance. At the end of the day, this means that you get more interest. There is also a reduction in the stress that comes along with the idea of retirement.

Reifler talks about the importance of having a good credit history. He says that unlike a student loan where you don’t require a good credit history, you will require a good history to get loans such as the mortgage. There is also the importance of ensuring that you have a good net worth that can be accomplished by the accumulation of wealth and assets. For those who cannot handle a credit card history, they can boost their record by paying rent early or even getting a starter loan.

Brad Reifler is known across the United States as a serial entrepreneur. He is well known as the founder and the chief executive officer a company known as Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler has also participated in the formation of other successful companies such as Pali Capital. He has also worked with Refco and is a director at Genesis Securities.

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Cone Marshall Rises To Rank Among The Best-Performing Law Firms

As the first law firm in New Zealand to provide tax and estate litigation support, Cone Marshall has grown both in resources and reputation. The firm, which was founded in 1999, now ranks first in the country for offering the best solutions to clients looking for tax and estate law experts. They have created a seamless system that is processing orders faster and delivering accurate results that are helpful to clients.


Most of the clients Cone Marshall has been working with come from different jurisdictions. They have chosen the firm owing to the reliability it has proved to offer in the industry while working on cases of different magnitude. To make processes easy and effective, Cone Marshall has continually worked on improving its system to offer clients the freedom to take control of their cases and how the process of resolving issues is managed.


Most importantly, the firm has invested in offering its staff and executives new skills on emerging issues. They have a system that ensures everyone is constantly educated on matters that can work to make the firm better.


Professional support

Through professional support from different experts, Cone Marshall has come up with policies that have steered the firm to beat odds and enter the international market. One of the individuals who has been vital in running the firm to its glory is Karen Marshall, a lawyer who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years.


Karen specializes in commercial litigation and when she was appointed to serve at Cone Marshall in 2005, she had previously served in the same specialty at different companies in London. She brought in exceptional skills and ideas that have helped Cone Marshall to grow. Karen is the brain behind the acquisition of vital technological systems that have eased processes and increased the productivity of the firm. Her vision is to steer Cone Marshall to cover bigger markets across the entire world.


To implement different ideas, Karen Marshall received support from Geoffrey Cone, a professional who has been in the industry for at least 30 years. Geoffrey has worked at Cone Marshall since the firm was established in 1999 and for every step the firm has made, he has been there to oversee the growth process. At Cone Marshall, Geoffrey Cone is regarded a leader and an elder whose counsel has always brought about positive changes. He is optimistic the firm will continue climbing the ladder of success.

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Todd Lubar, Sidwell Alumni is Versitile in the Business World

Todd Lubar is the founder and president of TDL Global Ventures LLC that began in July 2011. Lubar was born in 1972 on the east coast. The Global company president attended Sidwell School from 1977 to 1987. He spent his high school years at The Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. Todd Lubar earned a B. A. degree in Speech Communications.

Todd Lubar’s first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995 to 1999. By 1999, Lubar joined the staff at Legacy Financial group financial group in Arlington, Texas to help the company develop a Maryland office where they produced more than $100 million a year in loan volume. He left the Legacy Group in 2005. After he left the Legacy Group, Lubar took a position as the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding in 2005 and held that job until 2007.

In the past 10 years when the mortgage business had undergone slight economic problems, Lubar tried out different businesses including buying scrap metal from automotive industries. He also tried his hand at the real estate business, the demolition industry, night club ownership, and the recycling industry. Probably his favorite of all of them was the real estate industry.

TDL Global Ventures Real estate is located in Bethesda, Maryland where Lubar lives with his wife and two children. Todd Lubar is very versatile in good times and not so good times. He is willing to take on a challenge. To this day, Lubar is thriving in the real estate business. His real estate business has a solidly established relationship with many firms, CPAs, financial planners, and banking institutions. Certainly, Lubar trying his hand at other businesses has not hurt his real estate business. In fact, these businesses have helped him to acquire more contacts to be able to help those people he had met when trying out other lines of work.

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Being Your Own Online Reputation Manager

Experiencing bad press can permanently damage a company’s reputation. To help companies solve those particular problems, online reputation management companies exist. To those businesses that afford it, the services offered are invaluable. Some small businesses however, may not be able to afford an online reputation management company. For those who are not able to hire a management company, there is advice to consider. It is quite possible to do it on your own if you adhere to this advice.

Check Your Company’s Status

Use your search engine to find your company. What shows up on the first page is what customer’s will be seeing first as well. Write down your findings. Are there items misspelled? Any reoccurring reviews or phrases that you see? Write down anything that is concerning. Also, try tracking employees online. Their history can damage a company’s reputation, so make sure that all employees’ online reputations reflect what you want your company’s to be.

Create an Online Presence

Online presence is equal to offline advertising. Creating a website and joining a social media site can not only create advertising for your company, but also give information and outlets to customers. Post updates and respond to reviews and comments. Make your pages interesting and engaging.

Learn How to do Your Own Reputation Management

Believe it or not, some bad press isn’t going to completely ruin your Online Reputation Reviews. Some negativity are targeted at your company and contain hidden agendas. Other negativity is simply to gain attention. You must teach yourself to see the difference. Decide if the negativity is worth your response and only deal with legitimate issues.

End Bad Press Online

Rely on your online presence to eliminate the bad press. Continue posting interesting and engaging things on your pages. Updates will naturally push negative posts down the line to where no one can find it. Focus on posting positive stories. Resolve any open issues by encouraging them to contact you in another manner. You do not want to deal with any issues through an online outlet. Keep monitoring search engines.


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Making changes in the Financial World-Martin Lustgarten

Banks offers various types of services and products investment banking being among the many services. Investment Banking is one of the banking divisions that is involved in investments. The banking department comprises of the formation of capital for other units such as the government and private institutions. Investment banks are responsible for providing financial advice regarding investments and settlement of venture options. Apart from the information the banks offer, they also they assist investors to simplify acquisitions, reorganizations as well as mergers.

In many occasions, these investment banks, work hand in hand with other large financial institutions. Together they work towards fundraising policies for corporations as well as deciding the worth of a firm and the suitable structure it can take for it have best results. Investment banks benefit the investors by offering security for clients as a means of obtaining funds as well as the generation of documents for security and exchange commission. The organizations act as mediators between the investors and firms in the process of bond or stock issuing. In this case, the investment banks provide the pricing services on the financial tools that involve governing for revenue expansion. The investment banks directly purchase shares for the firms that own Initial Public Offering making it simple for the company.

A professional career in banking and as a financial analyst is a prestigious position to hold nowadays. The job involves applying more than the skills learned in class. An individual has to possess the best interpersonal skills, and Martin Lustgarten is one of the prominent investment bankers in Florida. Martin is the founder and the CEO of the Lustgarten Martin an investment bank based in Florida. Martin has an experience of working in various financial and banking firms in the advisory department something that led him to establish his business.

Mr. Martin was born in Florida in July 1959. He has been very influential in the finance industry and has been rated as the best investment banker and a financial advisor of all times. He is the head of all procedures dealing with marketing in his firm, and this ensures that the company markets its products in the right way and it can reach its targeted audience. Martin is very aspiring and with his ability and knowledge he trusts that he will be able to provide the world with financial and investment solutions.

For more information please visit

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The Revolution of New York’s Shared Coworking Spaces


There are some very clear advantages to co-working. First, you will have better ability to grow your new business faster. It will do so by expanding your personal and professional networks and therefore help you to grow your clientele. Second, it will be easier and more effective to find the right people to join your team. Third, there will be fewer distractions like family members, the refrigerator, T.V, etc. Fourth, there is a more dedicated professional atmosphere. Fifth, working by yourself, but in a professional environment gives a better feel of discipline and routine. Sixth, you will not have to deal with utility bills, getting your own internet connection, or have to worry about any repairs. Seventh, you will find that it is just an overall more pleasant working environment than the alternative of working alone.

The New York-based co-working space for rent, Workville, opened up for business in the early months of this year. It has Manhattan offices for rent. It is conveniently located very near Times Square, Bryant Park, and multiple major public transportation hubs. The fully equipped offices are completely ready for new occupants at all times. Workville has Manhattan offices for rent and provides a maximum comfortable, professional space which includes a café, lounge, and three terraces. You will find the offices of Workville on the 21st floor of the office building at 1413 Broadway. In all probability, Workville’s Manhattan offices for rent will revolutionize the way that you think about work. This is the case for the co-working idea as a whole. The concept is radically changing how things operate in the workplace.

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Dick DeVos Is A Man Of Many Interests And Skills

The Stow Company Inc. recently got a new CEO appointed by the founder and owner Dick DeVos. The company is one of the largest in the organization and home storage. The new CEO is Phil Dolci. He was brought in to oversee the everyday business decisions of the company which is a branch of The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is the creation of Dick and Betsy DeVos and is the holding company for the couple’s business interest including the Amway Corporation. Dolci was brought in to take over for Frank Newman. Newman is leaving to pursue his retirement. He will still remain affiliated with the company in the capacity of a member of the Board of Advisory.Phil Dolci has extensive experience in the marketing and manufacturing sector. He recently left the Crossman Corporation where he was serving as the CEO. The company provided accessories and products related to sports shooting. The company has its headquarters in Cincinnati.


Dick DeVos has had a monumental career. His claim to fame is the Amway Company which his father co-founded. He served as the CEO of the company for many years and worked to create and international company that thrived and grew exponentially. He is also the involved with many other companies and works extensively through several organizations that he has created for his philanthropy work.


Over the years Dick DeVos has donated over one billion dollars to various causes. One of his most championed causes is education. He has focused his attention to low-income families by helping to ensure that their children receive a world-class education regardless of the ability to pay. Most of his efforts are concentrated in Michigan where he is originally from. He is also a contributor to the arts and has an extensive personal art collection. He has donated millions of dollars to renovate a Texas Museum as well as donated several of his cherished art pieces.


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New Zealand Brings Transparency To International Business

International business transactions are often portrayed in a negative light. We often see images of shady business deals and we immediately think of tax evasion, corruption, and other white collar crimes. New Zealand understands this and has made tax transparency a priority in the way it conducts its business. The New Zealand tax system is intricate and requires a level of expertise in both international taxes and trust management. Helping investors and companies thrive within this system is exactly why Cone Marshall was founded. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall combined their expertise to give their clients the help they need. If one company needed help establishing a New Zealand branch the firm would offer them assistance there. If another needed help investing a trust fund efficiently there was help for that individual as well.

The key to the success of Cone Marshall is the expertise of its founders. Geoffrey Cone’s background in international tax law and Karen Marshall’s experience with trust management compliment each other. Prior to this joint venture Geoffrey Cones worked across the world as a tax specialist. His business involved just about everything from The Cone Marshall clientele often needs much more than one specific service. Karen Marshall had spent years managing trusts in New Zealand before she finally decided to join Geoffrey Cone in creating Cone Marshall. The duo offer their clients A client who needs some advising on complying with tax transparency laws is likely to need help managing trusts in the New Zealand market. The ability of Cone Marshall to cover the array of needs its clients gives cone Marshall a distinct advantage over other firms involved in the practice of tax law or trust fund management.

New Zealand understands the importance of attracting foreign investment and business. As the world becomes increasingly global the need for expertise in the same vein as that given by Cone Marshall becomes much more important. If you’re company is based in Japan but you want to expand your operations into New Zealand you will need the help of Cone Marshall. Their experience and combined knowledge allows anyone to succeed in the New Zealand Market.