Newswatch TV: Cutting through the Noise

The business world is known for its ruthless competition for consumers and investors. It can be very hard to break into the business for newer companies or smaller ones. There is a limited supply of attention and space for different groups to try to get their products sold and so usually the most creative or well-funded business get the interaction with a consumer base. With this being the norm there are new ways for business to get products promoted and advertised now. One of these ways is buy hiring a group like Newswatch tv.


Newswatch tv is a tv program with online branches that promotes products for companies through reviews and presentations. Started in the year of 1990 it has grown into a very reputable and important mainstay in the marketing world. By reviewing the products of the various companies that they work with they help them to spread their product to the consumers. The show is so good and reliable that it has won several awards. This includes the Silver Telly award and the 2017 Marcom award. The show went from a finance centered show to more of a tech presentation and review type show and with this has garnered the major success we know it has today. But how good actually is Newswatch tv at getting the word out on products?

The company Contour hired Newswatch to review their new product an ergonomic workstation. They wanted to increase the overall sales of their product and Newswatch help them to do it. The product was shown on both the online and tv mediums to the desire Contour. The success of the review video was great. Contour saw a sharp rise in the sales of their ergonomic workstation. News watch has such a long reach that it hit the eyes of over 95 million households and 200 U.S. market places. Just online the product got over 500,00 reactions. This goes to show that Newswatch can help smaller companies cut through the thick noise of the business world.


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