Mike Baur Had The Guts To Follow His Dream

Mike Baur had the guts to follow his dream. However, his dream was a lot different than the dreams most people have today. His dream was not to get rich or get famous. Mike Baur’s dream was to help people. He particularly wanted to help people trying to create their own business. His vision was to help both people new to the business world and those who have failed in the past.


Mike Baur formed Swiss Start-Up Factory with a few of his closest colleagues. Before working with these individuals, Mike Baur made sure all the people he was working with had the same goal as him. This is why he chose people that had great success in the business world. He also chose people that were great with money; this does not just mean good at calculating money, but these people were also good at budgeting, saving, and investing. He knew friends with these skills would definitely want to help people the way he wanted to help people. Mike immediately began marketing this start-up factory, and it immediately became popular. One of the main reasons for this business expanding is due to the innocence that is behind it.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory has dozens of live teachings throughout the year, and these teachings are held all over the world. If people cannot get to one of these live events, they can purchase the events on DVD and through other mediums. The cost to both attend and/or purchase a recording is not expensive at all, and it is definitely worth it. This company teaches all the fundamentals of running a business in a matter of days. These teaching include the type of business that is perfect for the individual, how many employees is good for beginning your business, how to shop for furniture and the like, and what type of building you should get and where.


All of the reviews from people that have received this information are positive. All of these reviews can be found on the main website of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. Today, almost 90 percent of the successful businesses around the world have gained some kind of knowledge from Mike Baur, whether that be attending a live event or just glancing over his website, which is filled with wonderful information. Many people have succeed in their business just from reviewing the free principles on the website.

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