Malcolm CasSelle: Pioneer Of Virtual Asset Exchange Blockchain Technology Applications

Beginning his career by attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Malcolm CasSelle has since gone on to make waves in the technology industry. He first began attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to pursue his bachelor’s degree in computer science. After graduating from MIT and receiving his degree, he later attended Stanford University where he continued his education and computer science. It was at Stanford University that he eventually graduated with a Masters degree in computer science. Since completing his formal education and becoming a member of the workforce, Malcolm CasSelle has made a number of interesting investments and has served in the leadership role of a number of prominent technology companies.

Malcolm CasSelle is best known for his positions within Seachange International, MediaPass, Xfire, Tencent, and Tronc, Inc all of which he held one leadership position or another in. He is also known for his skill as a venture capitalist for having the foresight to invest during the early stages of both Facebook and Zynga. Today Malcolm CasSelle is both the chief investment officer of OPSkins, one of the world’s leading companies in in-game virtual asset sales, as well as the president of his own company Worldwide Asset Exchange.


At the president of Worldwide Asset Exchange Malcolm CasSelle has helped to pioneer new cryptocurrency which promises to help reduce the prevalence of several key issues that have been hampering the virtual asset exchange industry for numerous years. This new cryptocurrency is known as wax tokens. Wax tokens operate as a common meeting the value in order to eliminate the issue caused by users not having a common story value. Since virtual asset exchanges can occur across the globe, many individuals do not use the same native currency. However, by introducing wax tokens, individuals are able to trade these as a common story value and no longer have to operate through forex exchange markets. Additionally, by incrementing watching technology and decentralizing the virtual asset exchange industry, there is no longer a centralized target for hackers to attack which is helped to reduce the possibility of fraudulent activity in the networks significantly.


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