Lime Crime Launches Diamond Dew

Lime Crime is well known for teasing fans with snippets of information before a new product launch. A few weeks ago they posted a picture to social media of a small, triangular product. The post simply announced that something sparkly was coming soon. Of course, fans have speculated every day about what was coming next from the famed Lime Crime.

The company’s last launch was an eyeshadow palette. While fans knew that the eyeshadow palette was coming, they flipped when the launch came. The eyeshadow palettes weren’t just gorgeous new colors from Lime Crime, they were encased in a plastic shell that looks almost identical to the ‘90s craze toy, the Polly Pocket. These Pocket Candy Palettes have become an instant classic for Lime Crime. They are just one example of how Lime Crime does things their own way, always being incredibly creative.

The cryptic post had fans incredibly excited. By zooming in on the post you could see that the new cosmetic was called Diamond Dew and that it definitely came in a liquid form. Fans went wild with guesses on what exactly Diamond Dew was. Many guessed it was a new highlighter and many hoped it would be eyeliner. Lime Crime currently has a powder highlighter called Hi-Lite that is one of the most beloved by its fan base. Hi-Lite comes in four decadent shades and is one of the top powder highlighters available on the market.

Diamond Dew will come in 10 luscious shades. These shades include Chameleon, a rich rose color, and Starlight, a shimmery gold perfect for any occasion. Diamond Dew can be worn directly on the eyelid or it can be applied over other shadow colors for a perfect look. They can also be used as a highlighter on the cheeks or on any other part you would like to add a little shimmer to. These gorgeous liquid eyeshadows can be purchased for just $20 on Lime Crime’s website. They can also be bought as an entire collection for $170. Diamond Dew will add a little sparkle to any look and they are perfect for day or night.