Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences Are Helping to Revolutionize the World of Biotechnology.

Jeff Aronin is an accomplished businessman with many years of exemplary work relating to pharmaceutical companies. From 2000 to 2009, he was the president and chief executive officer for Ovation Pharmaceuticals. The company was acquired by Lundbeck Inc. Aronin saw over all the details of the integration of Ovation Pharmaceuticals into Lundbeck Inc. He has shown skills in handling a business, marketing strategies and brand marketing. Also, Aronin has handled the day to day management of big companies and also handling complex business transactions and mergers. Since 2010, Aronin also serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, a global healthcare firm and biopharmaceutical investment firm. He works in junction with other Paragon businesses such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences.

Paragon Biosciences is a company that invests in leading pharmaceutical companies to help these companies develop new treatments to fight diseases. Their philosophy is “Start with what the patient needs, understand the science behind the disease and then build companies completely focused on addressing unmet needs.” which can be found on their website. The company mission is to help speed up the process to find successful treatments and drugs for the various diseases that don’t have cures. Paragon Biosciences is a company that wants to help people live a longer and healthy life ( Paragon Biosciences and its family companies are helping to find a cure to rare central nervous disorders, rare genetic dermatological conditions, acne and many other diseases. They list the stages that drugs are at right on their website to inform viewers and investor on the work they are doing. Paragon Biosciences is doing things that no other companies are doing with a three-step process. The first step is to identify the problem. The second step is to build an organization that will work the clock to understand the problem and how it works. The final step is to find a solution to the problem. Under Jeff Aronin’s leadership, Paragon Biosciences is helping to lead the pharmaceutical world into a brighter future.

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