Great Start Ups from Mike Baur: Swiss Start Up Factory

A hedge fund banker from the Swiss banking industry gave up his post of twenty years with Clariden Leu and Sallfort to plant entrepreneurial seeds with his Swiss Start Up Factory. As a co-founder of this investing entity, Bauer teamed up with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to create the two year old venture capital organization. One of the seminars that was held in 2014 was the Summiteer called START. This was a forum of entrepreneurial hopefuls who would engage in pitching their wares and plans to the investors who were ready to create the next big thing.

By January of 2016 Baur was appointed to be the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. This new partner for Swiss Start Up Factory had the role of provisions of funds for the new small businesses that would come to present their ideas and products to those who are seeking those great opportunities to invest in.

The accelerant is the Goldback Group, a funding entity that joined in January of 2016 as well to partner up along with Fintech Fusion in February of 2016. As CTI Invest chose to work together with Swiss Start Up Factory to fund and develop those of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem, Mike Baur, working as deputy director is working to bolster further the relationships between these other players who are teaming up to support and fund new business start ups.

The nature of these groups and their purpose will revolve around the launch of public websites and podcasts with video documentaries about Swiss entrepreneurial activities and outcomes. There will also be an organization of events and training programs for small business seed activities. CTI Invest is offering team memberships and leaders that will provide support, advisory roles along with participation investor lead Demo Days that will spark and fuel the investors.

For those who wish to make their ideas and fledgling businesses take flight, there are many others who are lining up to enable those dreams with assistance on all levels from funding to coaching to instruction. For those whose ideas center in digital technology, Mike Baur will be directly involved. For those who simply need to pair up the idea people with the investors, The Swiss Start Up Factory will be on full display in the summer of 2016.