Graham Edwards and his role as the CEO of Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards is a known entrepreneur who currently holds the CEO role in Telereal Trillium. He took up the position back in 2011 and since then, his leadership skills have enabled him to maintain it. Graham Edwards attained his degree in Economics from Cambridge University, England.

Other than being the CEO of this prestigious company, Graham Edwards had ventured into other businesses in numerous fields. He has shown interest in real estate, water, engineering, mining and software. This has instilled knowledge in him thus opening more chances for him to invest.

Due to his hard work and willingness to work together with people, Graham Edwards is a member of numerous firms where his ideas count. They include; Association of Corporate Treasurers, Royan Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and UK Society of Investment Professionals.

Despite participating in a wide range of projects that paid well, Graham Edwards has chosen to further his education by pursuing an MA in International Relationship. He is doing the course in the War Studies Department in King’s College, London and his main focus is the Middle East where he hopes things will get better. Graham is also a philanthropist who is always ready to offer aid when needed. He is an active board or committee member of a number of charity organizations.

Telereal Trillium was founded in 1997 with an aim of acquiring the Department for Work and Pensions property portfolio which was 1,500,000 square meters. It deals with investments and commercial management of various properties ( The headquarters are based in Central London. Telereal Trillium has ordinary and preference shares. B Pears Trust and William Pears Group EBT hold the former while The Williams Group and Williams Pears Group EBT hold the latter.

Trillium has engaged in ample projects involving property investment and management. The have worked with Barclay Bank, Norwich Union, Royal Mail, Birmingham City Council among others. Under Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium has continued to make a big name for itself. More contracts are underway as the company has gained global recognition.