Glen Wakeman Shares His Secret To Bringing Ideas To Life

Entrepreneur, mentor and business revolutionary. These are the phrases that best describe Glen Wakeman.

While most know him for his 5 step performance methodology that focuses on important factors such as risk management and leadership power, behind the scenes Wakeman is also a successful investor and accomplished writer.

It is through his writing that he has been able to inspire others when it comes to fiscal economics. Because of his experience in corporate management and emerging markets Wakeman is considered a keen market strategist and is able to provide insightful counsel to executive level groups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees (

There are few corporate executives that have the reputation Wakeman has when it comes to developing accurate performance methods.


How Does Glen Wakeman Bring Ideas To Life

When you have had a successful career like Glen Wakeman, the number one thing people want to know is how he was able to do it.

For Wakeman, bringing his ideas to life was all about figuring out a way to explain his ideas to those around him. This forced him to outline his thoughts. He had to take the time to think through everything so he would know how to make the idea real.

And most importantly he had to come up with a way to defend his ideas. Keep in mind not all of his ideas were good ideas. Explaining his ideas to others helped him quickly identify which ones were good and which ones should be forgotten about.

When you have a good idea you will immediately know it as just the act of explaining it will get everyone on your team excited and motivated to make it a reality.

Wakeman advises entrepreneurs to avoid surrounding themselves with people who always agree with their ideas. You want people who will be honest with you and be able to explain why they think an idea is great.

Answering the “why” is one of the most important factors to being able to bring an idea to life.


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