Glen Wakeman Serial Investor

Glen Wakeman has had tremendous success investing in other companies. Throughout his career, he always wanted to own his own business.

Starting a business is not easy. Glen Wakeman struggled with his first few companies. He eventually started a successful company with Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad Holdings is a company that is designed to help small business owners get started with the capital they need. Some small business owners struggle to get a traditional bank loan. Many banks have no interest in lending capital to small business owners.


Early Career

Glen Wakeman worked for a large corporation after finishing college. Although he enjoyed the work, he did not enjoy working for other people. Glen knew that he was making other people successful through his hard work. He saved up some cash and started a company. His first company was a failure, but he learned many lessons from this experience.

Due to his business experience, Glen Wakeman can give small business owners advice on various topics. Running a small business can feel lonely at times. Few people understand all of the stress that is involved with running a company.


Financial Planning

Glen Wakeman offers financial planning services for business owners. Some business owners are so busy that they never have time to think strategically about the future of their business. Glen Wakeman also invests capital into new business concepts. Instead of lending money, Glen Wakeman receives a percentage of sales that these companies generate. Venture capital funding is a proven way for him to create multiple streams of income in his life.



Although he enjoys running his company, Glen Wakeman also spends time investing in other asset classes. Glen Wakeman owns multiple real estate properties in his local area. These properties generate monthly income for him to use. He loves finding properties to purchase.