Eric Pulier Applies Technology in Business

With the magnitude of experience in his resume, it would be impossible to believe that such a young man has accomplished so much in life. Eric Pulier, the head cheerleader of several startups, is applauded for his enormous input in different fields of business. An author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and technologist among titles, Eric has been a significant figure in building businesses. The founder, as well as co-founder of more than fourteen firms, is known for his generosity as a donor to businesses.

Early Education

Eric Pulier is a native of New Jersey. From a young age, he valued education as the source of knowledge. Intelligent as he was, he strived to achieve the best results in high school. Combined with technological talent, Eric started programming computers at a young age. In 1984, he graduated high school having built a computer database for an imaginary company. Like the education system dictates, Eric joined the university after high school.


Being a bright student, he landed in the hands of the prestigious Harvard School. At Harvard, Eric was productive to the point of landing the role of chief editor for The Harvard Crimson. This segment highlights campus news through the daily newspaper. Eric worked on insightful articles. He also wrote on the stigma that was associated with his school. Pulier featured multiple significant topics. In 1991, he relocated to Los Angeles. He wanted to pursue his dreams.


One of Eric’s lifetime achievements is the XPrize. This is an initiative that seeks to mentor prospect entrepreneurs. The program integrates several competitions as well as prizes. These are incentives made for participants who have the will to succeed in business. Eric’s vision is to uplift determined youth and adults who are persistent in achieving their dreams. For more info about us: click here.


In a world faced with a crisis in different sectors, Eric Pulier has taken the initiative of supporting the less fortunate. He is a board member of Painted Turtle, an organization that organizes camps for the young children who suffer chronic illnesses. Eric is also a member of cloud operations. As the vice president, he is in charge of decision making. He has generously donated time as well as money to see to it that children with special medical needs access entertainment.