End Citizens United: Why They Want to Protect the Johnson Amendment

End Citizens United recently released a statement, urging all of their supporters to stop the United States government from totally removing the Johnson Amendment from the constitution. The American political group was created in 2015, and since then, they have participated in a number of demonstrations against the United States government and its policies that damages the American society. The group’s main objectives are to restore the transparency and the legitimacy of the United States presidential elections, and to counter their rival group – Citizens United. End Citizens United is claiming that their rival group is the root cause of all the problems and corruption issues that is plaguing the United States today. They are referring to the controversial ruling by the United States Supreme Court in 2010 which allowed private corporations and businesses to support their favorite candidates with unlimited amounts of money, donating anonymously. According to End Citizens United, this gave wealthy families the power to influence the result of the elections. They wanted the United States Supreme Court to reverse its previous ruling to decrease the power of the few wealthy families who they believe are now controlling the nation. Read more on Wikipedia.org to know more about End Citizens United.

This time, End Citizens United is also battling the Trump Administration’s policy of removing the Johnson Amendment from the constitution. According to them, the Johnson Amendment was authored by former president Lyndon Johnson which prevents organizations that are exempted to pay taxes, like the church, to support or oppose specific electoral candidates. Removing the Johnson Amendment will turn churches into store houses with billions of dollars in cash. They also warned that the politicians will use the tax exempt status of the church to transfer money without paying any taxes, and they will force their supporters to donate to the church and be given tax exemptions. These donations will never be used for the benefit of the church, but for the benefit of the politicians.

End Citizens United is warning the United States government to leave the amendment alone. They are currently conducting protests to oppose the decision of the Republican Party to erase the amendment completely. End Citizens United stated that they have the money and the power to conduct massive protests if the government continued with their plans. Recently, End Citizens United managed to collect more than $4 million from their members and supporters. Experts agree that the group could raise up to $32 million from their supporters alone, and this amount of money is enough to conduct nationwide protests for their causes to be heard. End Citizens United stated that the money they collected will be used to support politicians who will run for the 2018 National Elections who shares the same sentiments with them. They are hoping that these politicians would win so that the change they wanted can be implemented. Know more: http://endcitizensunited.org/