Effective financial planning with Richard Dwayne Blair

Effective financial planning with Richard Dwayne Blair

In pursuit of successful financial goals, you require a plan. Make an acquaintance with Richard Dwayne Blair, an Investment Advisor at Wealth Solutions and a firm believer in the benefits of having a financial plan. His firm has one primary objective that of helping people achieve their financial goals through impartial advice and customized strategies designed to preserve wealth, retirements and investments. Having a mother, grandmother and wife who are all teachers have strongly influenced Richard Dwayne Blair, knowing firsthand the benefits of learning and being well-versed in a particular field.

He attended school at the University of Houston where he received a bachelor’s degree in finance, finance and financial management services. After graduating from school, he began his career in the financial services industry. He has worked for quite many companies, some which include Crownbridge Wealth LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, and Worldwide Ventures Lp among others. Backed up by his experience and knowledge in retirement planning, he is committed to helping his clients plan for a successful retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair uses a three-pillar approach to develop an all-inclusive financial plan. The approach helps him peer into his client’s financial situation and retirement requirements to come up with a more comprehensive plan. The first pillar is engineered to show the clients financial short-term and long-term goals. He does this by pinpointing his client’s strengths, goals, risk tolerance and growth opportunities. This helps him get connected to the client, building a binding relationship.

The second pillar develops a custom made long-term investment strategy that suits the client’s goals and liquidity requirements. Richard Dwayne Blair manages and distributes the assets to ensure proper performance when the market blooms and minimizing backlash when the market plummets. He tracks the performance of the investments, relating it to the client’s expectations and goals. The third pillar focuses on insurance, always being prepared when a storm hits. Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients plan for unforeseeable events through life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurance.


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