Dr. Dov Rand Hormone Specialist

Hormone therapies can provide relief for many ailments that arise with the natural aging process. Dr. Dov Rand is a leader in hormone therapy and weight loss programs that promote a better lifestyle for those suffering.

Dr. Rand’s Healthy Medical Center is where he advises patients on weight loss and hormone therapies. His therapies can help those patients who are suffering from symptoms of menopause, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, mood swings and much more. Dr. Rand tailors each of his treatments to the patients he sees, as each person’s needs will vary based on their ailments and lifestyles.

Dr. Rand’s HCG diet program involves a hormone that women produce when pregnant that gives nutrients to the embryo through the placenta. This same hormone has been shown to help with muscle degeneration in patients. The HCG diet itself is a low caloric diet, and the hormone therapy included helps patients achieve rapid weight loss without feeling hungry. Patients who are on the HCG diet report losing half a pound to a pound a day, which can greatly jump start a diet and help patients achieve their weight loss dreams (http://weeklyopinion.com/2018/03/dr-dov-rand-aging-expert/).

Being on the HCG diet is more effective than fad diets because it helps people relearn eating habits, reset their metabolism and improves their overall health. Dr. Rand cautions that the HCG diet is not a miracle diet, but it has helped many of his patients achieve a healthier lifestyle and long term health benefits. Not only can patients lower their weight, but they can improve their self-confidence, gain more energy and lower insulin levels. These three benefits alone are great reasons why patients should visit Dr. Rand’s clinic and take advantage of his and his staff’s expertise in diet and hormone therapies. A visit to Healthy Medical Center could be the start of a whole new, healthier life.


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