David Giertz Discusses the Importance of Social Security

In the video about “speak to your clients about social security” by Dave Giertz discusses the need for the financial advisors to speak to their clients about social security. In the interview with Veronica Dagher, Giertz mentions that despite the importance of social security, very few advisors talk to their clients about the matter. Many of the advisors tend to shy away from the issue of social security. There is, therefore, a great need for brokers to make their customers understand the rules of engagement in such arrangements. David also believes that there is a need save more of their income for income. When Dagher asks Giertz why he thinks that many advisors ignore talking to their clients about social security, Giertz replied that the surveys conducted on this matter show that many advisors ignore the matter completely.

David Giertzs said that the survey by the wsj.com showed that some people are likely to change their advisors when they fail to talk to them about the social security. Giertzs points out that the issue of social security is not an issue one and that it occupies 2700 pages of FINRA. Giertz says this could be the main reason why most advisors avoid talking to their customers about the issue. When he is asked on why he thinks the advisors should pay more attention and interest on the issue of social security, Giertz responds by saying that it would enable the clients to save more by not turning on their social security early in life. When advisors to their clients about social security and help them understand its influence on retirement income, it helps them optimize their retirement income.

About David Giertz

Since March 2013, David Giertz has remained at the helm of the national financial distributors as the president. Giertz also served as the vice-president of the same company before he was promoted to the position of the president. David Giertz has over 30 years of experience in insurance brokerage and is registered as a broker by the Finra. The recognition by FINRA indicates that David Giertz is certified to work with larger corporations, which engage in the purchasing and selling of stock securities.