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Getting To Sleep With Ease


There might be times when you want to fall asleep but just aren’t able to at night. Wengie offers a few hacks for catching a few winks at night with little effort. White noise around you can help you fall asleep, but make sure it’s not sounds that you would hear in a city environment. Rainy days are relaxing to listen to before going to sleep. There is a pressure point between the eyes that is said to relieve anxiety and depression. It’s also a point used to help you fall asleep by pressing on it or by applying essential oils to this part of the forehead.


Set the temperature to one that is lower in the home as the lower temperature will help you fall asleep faster since the body temperature drops a bit at night anyway. Everyone has a perfect temperature, so you need to find one that works with your body. Focus on the muscles in the body to get them relaxed. This is a mental trick that you can try.


A spoonful of honey before you fall asleep with warm milk is a way to help if you just can’t close your eyes. Only use the bed for a place to sleep and other activities that are known for being enjoyed in bed. Wear your pajamas before you go to sleep as this will trick the mind into knowing that it’s time to go to sleep. Avoid wearing your pajamas during the day as this can confuse the mind.