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Susan McGalla Takes Charge Of Her Career

Susan McGalla never carried a chip on her shoulder about being a woman in business. Her hard work and dedication to excellence has made her a leader and her field. Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC. She specializes in consulting clients on branding, talent management, operational efficiencies and marketing. McGalla has an interesting view about how women can get ahead in business. Audiences are attracted to her insights. Other women are inspired by her story.

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Susan credits her upbringing as the foundation for her success in business. Susan McGalla’s father was a football coach who did not take it easy on her because she was a girl. She was expected to carry her own weight in the family and apply herself to whatever goals she had set. Her two older brothers also reinforced the idea that Susan would be able to accomplish whatever aspirations she had in life.

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American Eagle was a male-dominated company when Susan joined their ranks. She was the only woman on the board. She credits this experience with giving her a tremendous education on how to move forward in business. McGalla would go on to hold many different positions as she continued to ascend through the ranks at American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She became President and Chief of Merchandising. This made her responsible for revenues of up to three billion dollars, as well as managing the company’s brands. Susan McGalla continues to provide consulting to the top executives in finance. Her expertise in retail has made her a highly sought-after leader in the industry.


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Rona Borre Rewrites the Rules

                   Rona Borre is a self-made CEO

Rona Borre is a self-made CEO of her staffing and recruiting company which she started in her Chicago Condo second bedroom in 2001. Borre is a graduate of Arizona State University and worked initially with a national recruiting firm where she blasted all existing sales records and barriers.

Borre likes to reminisce about her early days when she showed up for work each day in the “bedroom office” wearing a suit because after all, it was a work day. Today, Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance, a dynamic and fast growing Chicago recruiting and staffing company that is receiving all sorts of accolades.

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The essence of Instant Alliance is to form a partnership or an alliance with the client company where a real synergy can be developed between Instant Alliance and the client as if Borre’s group is an actual division of the client’s company. Instant alliance focuses mainly in the technological and financial areas. Check on

Borre likes to think of her company as a synergistic boutique, rather than a recruiting company, even though Instant Alliance currently bills in the millions. She likes to form a working bond by focusing on the types of technological and finance people the client needs to get to the next level of productivity.

Borre holds leadership positions with The Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents Organization, and the Chicago Network. She has been recognized as an Influential Woman in Business by the Business Ledger and was acknowledged as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Woman Magazine.