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Julia Jackson Prefers Cabernet

In 2006, Julia Jackson attended Scripps College in Claremont, California for a Bachelor of Arts degree before arriving at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After college, Julia traveled to France where she learned about sales and distribution before joining the family wine business. Jackson Family Wines earned the label of Sonoma County Wine in 2005 for their showing of the Vérité La Joie, a Cabernet-dominated blend. It was then that made Julia agree that Sonoma was the best place for Cabernet, even with its reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Julia Jackson is currently a spokesperson for Cambria Estates, one of the brands that is produced by Jackson Family Wines, and she also works for her nonprofit organization that was founded in 2014, known as Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Julia claims there are not enough role models for little girls and young adults to look up to and says this program “acknowledges those who have overcome adversity but also celebrate the strength of women as leaders.” Read more about Julia on

This seemed important while she does her best to succeed in the wine business, which is very male dominated. Furthering women’s and her personal success, Julia has also launched an app called Rex Apps that spreads news about great restaurants and bars.


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Rona Borre Does Not Believe in Walls

Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her Chicago Condominium in 2001. Today she is the CEO of her company which is setting all kinds of growth records in the staffing industry. She is also very active in the Chicago business community and holds leadership roles in such organizations as The Economic Club of Chicago, the Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents’ Organization, check this on

Rona Borre has observed how client companies hire their employees. The tend to open a position and then run people by the HR department like a herd of cattle. This approach tends not to work well because both parties get tired of the cattle call.

What Borre does, and trains her account executives to do, is to develop a strong relationship with the leaders of the hiring company. Then she wants to know in detail what kind of employee will fit into the culture of the hiring organization and why. What will his or her exact duties and expectations be? Once that information is discovered she will find that individual who is an exact match.

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It must work because over the past 15 years she has had an attrition rate of new hires of less than 1%. That ratio is unheard of in the staffing industry, but so was Borre before she arrived.

Click and watch  how Borre share her thoughts about her work.


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Sam Tabar Empowers Women Through SheThinx

Investment Strategies

From Investment to businesses, we all have the desire to create more wealth in our lives. However, investment strategies do not sound as exciting as the actual thought of investing. That is why every new year; most people refer to Sam Tabar’s article on investment and stock trading. Following the Fidelity Investments reports conducted recently, surveys on investment have it that approximately 54% of consumers are planning to make plans for the New Year. Since investment can be challenging and overwhelming, he has you covered with some strategies to see you through your investment plans. His mission has been to assist newcomers with conquering the world of investment by teaching them how to heighten their net worth while planning for retirement.

Actual Saving Plans

With the investment trends transforming from time to time, Sam Tabar cautions people interested in commodity trading. To him, commodity investment is riskier that any investment plan. Since commodity markets are volatile compared to stock markets, it is vital for investors to research before putting money in it. According to him, it is not wise for casual investors to put their resources in commodities because earning profits take a lot of time. Also, commodity investors have to own wherewithal finances for loss absorption. This is because the volatility of the investment is susceptible to losses.

 Private Business

The second investment docket according to him is a private business. With the rise in social entrepreneurship, people are running to the social media platform to offer assistance to others. With his understanding of the platform after investing in women’s undergarment line called THINX, he endorsed marketing through social media. For the business THINX, every sale promotes the donation of seven sanitary towels to AFRIpads. AFRIpads channels the towels to the less fortunate women in Africa.


Having spent most of his time and career in the industry of fund and management, Sam Tabar offered fund managers to institutional investors like foundations, fund of funds, endowments and family offices. His vast experience roots from his works in many companies including Sparx Group. He managed all global marketing departments.