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Matt Badiali On The Rapid Increase Of Copper Prices

     Matt Badiali is a trained geologist who has over twenty decades’ experience in the field. He has done everything that involves geology including mining, oil exploration, agriculture and energy. Mr. Badiali has international experience having worked in numerous countries including, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Singapore and Yukon. He also has experience as a teacher having taught geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. Matt’s findings have been presented to major companies such as Exxon Mobil and Anadarko and also at major geological conferences. Matt Badiali is well known for his knack of combining his deep expertise of geology with financial investment. Many financial programs utilize his services when they are discussing industries that rely heavily on geology. Matt’s main passion is in finding profitable investment opportunities for his readers. This passion led Matt to leave academia and focus exclusively on researching and writing about natural resources for various financial publications. Mr. Badiali has also authored a book that details how one can create a resource investing franchise.

Matt is a passionate writer who writes at least two articles a week. He has weekly publication on Banyan Hill, the Real Wealth Strategist. Real Wealth Strategist provides its readers with valuable information that any natural resource investor requires. Matt also has his own website and a Medium blog where he writes articles on natural resource investing.

In 2017 Matt is advising his readers to invest in copper. According to Matt copper’s Bull Run is not about to stop because there is increased demand for electric cars. The increased demand for electric vehicles has led some financial analysts to predict that a nine fold increase in copper’s demand between 2017 and 2027. Additionally, copper is a metal that is very sensitive to economic growth due to its use in numerous industries. The two leading consumers of copper are the construction industry and the electrical and electronic industry. Both sectors are experiencing growth due to the favorable economic climate. As global growth improves, Matt Badiali expects the demand for copper to increase accordingly.

The increase in copper’s price is causing problems for Tesla, an electric car manufacturer. Codelco, a Chilean mining company, expects the price of copper to rise by 46% between 2017 and 2018. Codelco states that this will be caused by the demand for copper exceeding the supply of copper. Tesla cannot ignore this trend as an average electric car has 165 pounds of copper in it.


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American Institute of Architects Impacts on Healthcare through Quality Construction

     The American Institute of Architects is an organization of passionate architects throughout the United States of America and beyond. The company is headquartered in Washington D.C., the United States of America. Since its establishment in 1857, the building and construction firm have operated smoothly on higher standards than the other firms in the industry. The overall leader of the company is Robert Ivy who is the current Chief Executive Officer. In his leadership duties, he works alongside Thomas V. Vonier who is the current Chairman.

The company first conducted its business activities and investments in New York City before moving to its current headquarters in Washington D.C. Apart from offering unique building and construction projects, The American Institute of Architects is also a charitable organization. In their philanthropic works, they offer to learn programs for architecture students. Besides, they also award scholarships to schools with an aim of helping the students to achieve their dreams. The firm has also funded many students doing their research in architecture. These students have shown impressing progress on coming up with better designs and ideas for the development of building and construction industries across the United States of America.

Surprisingly, the construction plans of houses can influence the health of the residents. Robert Ivy has proved this phenomenal while explaining the benefits of having proper building structures and quality design. Having quality raw materials can pose health benefits to the occupants of the buildings. Additionally, getting rid of weak buildings before they collapse also helps in saving the lives of many. Swamps within the plains can be drains following the reclaiming of the land that can be used for constructing buildings for both residential and business purposes.

What’s more is the location of the buildings in relation to weather changes. Positioning a building where it accesses little or no sunlight is highly disputable. Robert Ivy also stresses on how having stairs in buildings instead of lifts can possibly reduce the chances of residents suffering from lifestyle conditions. These vary from diabetes to heart-related diseases.

For this reason, living in such a building encourages people to do constant body exercise while going in and out of their houses and offices. The constant supply of fresh air through proper ventilation is another crucial factor to consider when putting up a building. Not forgetting clean water for domestic uses. All these factors impact greatly on the health status of the residents.

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Jeff Yastine and Financial Knowledge

     Jeff Yastine is an esteemed professional who is commonly known by the nickname of “JL.” He’s a Banyan Hill Publishing employee who edits Total Wealth Insider. He’s been a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing crew since 2015. That’s precisely when he landed his editorial director position. He had extensive experience when he got to Banyan Hill Publishing. He had already enjoyed 20 years plus of rewarding work in the stock market investment realm. He had enjoyed a strong background in the financial journalism community as well. His knowledge regarding global financial events is practically unrivaled. People who have interest in financial matters frequently read Yastine’s helpful and informative pieces. He writes articles that delve into all sorts of concepts that matter and that make a difference. Topics that are of interest to Yastine and to his dedicated readers include cybersecurity, quantum computing, bitcoin, hack attacks, preventing issues with hackers, foreign investments, up-and-coming markets and European banks. Yastine can provide people with substantial insight that involves data protection, gold, foreign economies, stocks and a whole lot more.

People who want to stay in the loop regarding all kinds of Jeff Yastine updates can count on the website for Banyan Hill Publishing. They can also count on social media platforms. Yastine makes a point to stay active on Facebook. He posts routine updates on the social networking site. Individuals who want to learn about all of his latest thoughts and pieces of advice can get a lot out of following him on Facebook. Although he’s located in Delray Beach, Florida, he has the ability to communicate with people all around the United States and beyond.

Yastine’s social media expertise isn’t limited to Facebook, either. He also has a penchant for regular Twitter use. Yastine has been a proud member of Twitter since the spring of 2017. He uses his Twitter account to direct people to the fascinating and comprehensive articles he writes on a frequent basis. People who don’t want to risk forgetting to check Banyan Hill Publishing can always opt to follow Yastine on Twitter.

Yastine is fond of penning financial newsletters that can come in handy for people who always want to be prepared and “in the know.” He enjoys reading financial newsletters of all types as well. Yastine’s devotion to financial subjects is always becoming stronger. He loves learning about financial topics of all varieties. He does so on a daily basis.

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Matt Badiali’s Insights on Banyan Hill

     Matt Badiali will be joining Banyan Hill where he will be giving his insights on the newsletter. Matt specializes in natural resources, research and investment opportunities in precious metals. Matt desire to join the organization was due to the quality of research data the newsletter had been offering to its audience. Aside from the research work, Banyan Hill provides its readers financial knowledge while delivering suitable financing opportunities.

Banyan Hill will benefit massively from Matt Badiali expertise in natural resources, and investment. Matt offers insights on operating drill rigs, inspecting mines, working with environmental companies and keeping the company abreast of geological developments. Matt earned his undergraduate in earth science from Penn State University and his second degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He proceeded to spend more than a decade in research for Stanberry Research Resource Report. The study looked into capitalizing on energy, metal, and natural resources.

Matt previous experience in writing will be a perfect fit at Banyan Hill. At the organization, he hopes to establish a connection with the readers. The relationship serves to enable the readers to grow while protecting them wealth. With his expertise on capitalizing on business opportunities, he looks forward to broadening his horizon on multiple chances of investment in the market.At the organization, Matt and Michael Carr will work together in the group, Michael is another investment expert. Michael is widely recognized for his published works such as smarter investing in the communities and how to use economic indicators to catch stock market trends.

In one of Matt publishing, he explains the importance of Zinc and relevance to the market. He explains that with the increase of the appliances of zinc products, the commodity would be wise investment move. Also, Matt provides insights on the oil deposits discovered in the United States. In his publishing, he offers on the profitability of the exploration and the future of the market. Matt desire toward thorough research has led him to various countries such as Iraq, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, etc. with his visits; he has been able to inspect several mines and oil wells, interviewing the CEOs and analyzing all the data acquired.

Banyan hill is a publishing company that produces research materials and newsletter which aim at advising the readers. At the organization, Matt will be part of a team of economist, investment writers, and research analyst. The organizations’ following on their social media platforms is impressively high. The company has its headquarters in Delray Beach FL.

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Into the Life of Banyan Hill Publishing Editorial Director Ted Bauman

     Ted Bauman is the current editorial director of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club. Mr. Ted is one of the most-traveled people with a rich history and understanding of people and life in general. Luckily, with his different editorial positions, Mr. Ted Bauman is sharing this knowledge with his readers widely. Ted specialty is in the area of low-risk investments, asset protection, international migration, and privacy. Read on to understand more about Ted Bauman.

Early childhood

Mr. Ted Bauman is an American native born in Washington, D.C, and brought up on the eastern shores of Maryland. After living for some time in the USA, Ted Bauman relocated to South Africa where he joined the University of Cape Town for a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. Ted fell in love with South Africa, living and working for a long time before returning to his native country where he currently resides with his family.

Career life

Ted Bauman spent 25 years in South Africa developing his career, and to say the least, his CV is impressive. Mr. Ted has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations in executive positions. With his academic qualification, Ted’s role was primarily as a fund manager. One of the organizations that Ted Bauman worked with and one that he helped establish is Slum Dwellers International. This nonprofit organization helps fund the construction of low-cost houses to the locals and has so far helped 14 million individuals in over 25 countries.

In the early 2000’s, Mr. Ted worked as a researcher, consultant, and writer where his specialty was urban planning, housing, and finance issues. Ted Bauman research and writing skills are amazingly excellent as he was able to work with agencies such as the World Bank, European grant agencies, the United Nation, and the South African government to name but a few. Mr. Ted returned home in 2008 where he was employed by the Habitat for Humanity International to serve as their international housing programs director. Bauman worked in this position for five years before retiring in 2013 to work as a full-time researcher and writer.

During his career life, Bauman traveled to over 75 countries in continents such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. The exposure and experiences from these countries have helped increase Ted’s wisdom and knowledge. When it comes to his financial articles in The Sovereign Investor Daily, Ted’s advice is simple and clear; investors need to diversify their investments. You can get to enjoy more insights from Ted by reading his publications that also include Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, and the Journal of Microfinance among others and get to appreciate Ted more.

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Karl Heideck Is Keeping Current On The Effect The Soda Tax Is Having On Businesses In Philadelphia

     America has a high obesity rate, and almost seventy percent of all adults need to lose weight. Obesity affects roughly 35 percent of Americans, and has begun impacting children three years of age. Although something must be done regarding the situation, no clear answers are present. Certain cities, and states have created additional taxes, and penalties to offset obesity, including higher taxes on soda, and junk food.

Philadelphia was one of the first American cities to implement an additional soda tax, and it became effective in 2017. A tax of 1.5 cents is charged for every ounce of soft drink purchased. The hope is consumers will purchase healthier options to avoid the tax. The tax had the best intentions, but is interfering with society. Citizens with lower incomes purchase the most soda, cannot afford the tax, and are unable to make their purchase in another city where there is no tax due to a lack of transportation.

Mom and pop stores in Philadelphia have seen sales reductions, and may go under. Financial advisors believe the soda tax will create a deficit in Philadelphia of multi-millions, and damage the budget of the city. Twenty percent of Pepsi, and Canada Dry employees in Philadelphia have already been laid off, and a fight to repeal the tax is underway. The case is headed for the Supreme Court, and both sides seek to control the opinion of the public.

Karl Heideck practices law in Philadelphia and focuses on corporate law, and employment. His firm has been practicing law for more than ten years. Karl Heideck is concerned about the soda tax in Philadelphia, and is following the case. Karl Heideck’s career began with his education, and he became an attorney in 2009. He has been practicing law ever since.

Karl Heideck is additionally an accomplished writer. His time spent in the legal field has provided him with the experience to be a successful researcher, and a skilled legal writer. Karl Heideck finds enjoyment in modern legal developments, and he runs an educational blog because he believes people should be informed of current developments. Karl Heideck provides assistance to Philadelphia residents, and business owners regarding numerous topics of importance.

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Benefiting from Paul Mampilly’s Extraordinary Market Acumen

     When it comes to predicting the stock market winners, Paul Mampilly is an expert. His expertise in this industry has amounted to millions of dollars in profit for over two decades of professional experience. Paul Mampilly is also regarded as one of the few people who achieve better business through agitated business capabilities for every business needs his clients seek in the world of investment. Paul Mampilly is a united states-based accredited investor who achieves his solutions through an informed path of decision-making. Because he engages in achieving working solutions, Paul Mampilly has always developed the tailored business solutions that work towards achieving the business needs of his clients in the industry.

Paul Mampilly is known for predicting the winners before they hatch in the stock market. For this reason, he has been awarded an incredible amount of success for all his years of professional experience in the industry. If you choose to work with Paul Mampilly as your investment partner, you will achieve your intellectual needs as one who strives to accept the risk that leads to greater levels of success in the investment industry. Since Paul Mampilly was accredited as an investor in the United States, he has amassed a great deal of wealth betting against the major currencies in the world. For him to succeed at doing this, he engages in securing fast solutions to those seeking better business if they end up in the wrong hands. When it comes to investment, Paul Mampilly is a hero.

Paul Mampilly’s success in the investment world is capacitated with one success after another. This also means that you cannot achieve better business solutions if you are not willing to achieve your independent business capability. Paul Mampilly accounts his success to the fact that he is surrounded by a proficient team of investors who are willing to risk everything, including their sleep, to make the right decisions for a greater future in investment opportunities. Paul Mampilly has a team of investors who spend more than 48 hours analyzing the market structures with independent business solutions in the industry. If you are in need of success, then Paul Mampilly should be your partner.

Learn more by reading Expert Investment Offered By Paul Mampilly.

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Karl Heideck Breaks Down The New Car Seat Law

     When the Newest Car Seat Laws came into effect in Pennsylvania, some may not have understood them, why they were relevant or the thinking behind them luckily an attorney from the greater Philadelphia area who specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management was on hand to break them down for the easy understanding of not only his clients but also the general public.

The car seat laws meant that all children under the age of two had to be buckled in and this had to be specifically done with their car seat facing backward. For all 2 to 8-year-olds, it’s now a requirement by law that they ride in a booster seat this would apply until they met one of the following conditions they either weigh 80 pounds and above or have acquired a minimum height of 4 foot 9 inches tall. By not following this rules one is in offense of the law and is liable for fines of up to $75.

Since the law came into effect police officers had been directed to issue warnings to any motorist who violated them.But starting August 12, 2017, motorists started getting issued with tickets for not having a child traveling with them buckled up in the recommended way.

Safety experts identified that children placed in a rear-facing car seat were considerably less susceptible to serious injury or death during a car crash. This due to the fact that children’s bodies are not strong enough to endure and/or absorb the impact that occurs of a collision but when buckled up in their seats the most vulnerable parts i.e their necks, heads, shoulders, and spines are protected and are in a better place to avoid injury during a crash.

Karl Heideck’s has been leading from the front in making his clients understand the importance of this new law he attended Swarthmore College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters in the year 2003. He then went on to study at the Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law and graduated with a Juris Doctor, Law in 2009. He immediately began practicing law and for the past 10 years, he has been at it.

Karl Heideck is a recognized professional and expert in legal research, product liability, legal writing, commercial litigation, employment law and corporate law. Karl Heideck is also a writer working to inform the public on various legal matters on a blog he runs. He has been very instrumental to the citizens of Pennsylvania in educating them on legal matters and new laws taking effect in the state.

Please see Child Car Seat Law In Pennsylvania By Karl Heideck for more.

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Profiteer Paul Mampilly Ask “What Are You Doing With Your Money”?

     Paul Mampilly, Senior Editor and strategist for Profits Unlimited, over at Banyan Hill, say innovation is one of the main engines of economic growth, a fundamental tool through which companies add value to their products and services. So why aren’t you taking advantage of these profit potentials?

Mampilly, is an expert resource of financial information, and has built a successful following among investors looking to make big gains. He says innovation is a good growth path for businesses and investors, even in bullish periods Mampilly took advantage of one of the most well-known, successful companies, Netfllix, in 2008, and realized a whopping 634 percent Today, he’s known for his relentless pursuit of young innovative companies that show potential for fast profits, as well as some long-term gains.

Besides being a seasoned strategist, and consultant, Paul Mampilly is a mentor and investment coach, offering weekly updates, and suggestions to navigate the ever-changing landscape of investments. He’s been delivering practical and actionable advice on his Profits Unlimited blog, becoming so popular that he now boasts 60,000+ subscribers.

Mampilly says he performs exhaustive research, and completes hours of example scenarios before making the information available to subscribers.

Mampilly has worked as a hedge fund manager, assistant, then senior portfolio manager, and investment analyst for large companies like Deutsche Asset Management and Bankers Trust.. While proud of the financial services he has provided throughout his career, he’s especially honored to help mainstream investors build profitable portfolios.

Mampilly says fortunes are made and lost everyday but many people are not willing to try because they feel the industry is too challenging. If you want to succeed, it is important to begin with a solid understanding of how investment in the stock market works, and Mampilly offers his knowledge in his newsletter.

Listening to ideas and expert predictions will help develop an investment strategy, and with more than 60,000 online subscribers, Paul Mampilly’s Profit Unlimited is undoubtedly a classic investment tool to take advantage.

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A Young Mastermind In Entrepreneurship – Sawyer Howitt

     Since businessman and women are known to start their careers early, what exactly is it that one should know to succeed?

A person fit to answer this question would be Sawyer Howitt. This racquetball player decided to reinvent himself and do entrepreneurship from a young age. He currently serves as a project manager at the Meriwether Group, and his years have not impacted his success in any way.

The Hardest Part is Starting

Howitt believes that there is no specific moment that one should wait for to engage in business. Unless there are formalities such as certifications and licenses, an entrepreneur should get started sooner rather than later. By waiting around, an individual is missing out on valuable experience.

Choosing One’s Co-workers

As new companies gain momentum at some point, the one-person business model may not be sufficient. This is when Howitt advises people to hire those who are qualified and, more importantly, fit with the “culture” of one’s business. Failing to do so might result in an inability to keep up with the demand.

Laser Focus

Howitt also believes that one of the main issues of new entrepreneurs is their distractions. Those who are unable to eliminate outer ideas that might seem profitable will jeopardize the main idea of their business. Basically, trying to do everything at once will get nothing accomplished.

Do In-depth Analysis

Although it is very obvious that people will keep up with sales, cost of goods sold, and other non-selling expenses or additional revenues, there are more numbers to pay attention to. Failing to look at key performance indicators will be very detrimental to one’s business, according to Howitt. These help distinguish between what works for the business and what does not.

Soft Skills

Contrary to popular belief that businessman can stay behind their desk and run business, one will have to interact with hundreds of people. This means that their human skills will need to be extraordinary. If this is not the case, Howitt suggests finding a partner who can fulfill the role of the communicator!