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Cone Marshall Rises To Rank Among The Best-Performing Law Firms

As the first law firm in New Zealand to provide tax and estate litigation support, Cone Marshall has grown both in resources and reputation. The firm, which was founded in 1999, now ranks first in the country for offering the best solutions to clients looking for tax and estate law experts. They have created a seamless system that is processing orders faster and delivering accurate results that are helpful to clients.


Most of the clients Cone Marshall has been working with come from different jurisdictions. They have chosen the firm owing to the reliability it has proved to offer in the industry while working on cases of different magnitude. To make processes easy and effective, Cone Marshall has continually worked on improving its system to offer clients the freedom to take control of their cases and how the process of resolving issues is managed.


Most importantly, the firm has invested in offering its staff and executives new skills on emerging issues. They have a system that ensures everyone is constantly educated on matters that can work to make the firm better.


Professional support

Through professional support from different experts, Cone Marshall has come up with policies that have steered the firm to beat odds and enter the international market. One of the individuals who has been vital in running the firm to its glory is Karen Marshall, a lawyer who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years.


Karen specializes in commercial litigation and when she was appointed to serve at Cone Marshall in 2005, she had previously served in the same specialty at different companies in London. She brought in exceptional skills and ideas that have helped Cone Marshall to grow. Karen is the brain behind the acquisition of vital technological systems that have eased processes and increased the productivity of the firm. Her vision is to steer Cone Marshall to cover bigger markets across the entire world.


To implement different ideas, Karen Marshall received support from Geoffrey Cone, a professional who has been in the industry for at least 30 years. Geoffrey has worked at Cone Marshall since the firm was established in 1999 and for every step the firm has made, he has been there to oversee the growth process. At Cone Marshall, Geoffrey Cone is regarded a leader and an elder whose counsel has always brought about positive changes. He is optimistic the firm will continue climbing the ladder of success.