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Samuel Strauch Talks About Southern Suburbs in Booming Areas

Samuel Strauch is a real estate entrepreneur who is the chief executive officer at Metrik Real Estate in Florida. Mr. Strauch holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from Hofstra University. He also has completed post graduate studies in finance and international business management at the prestigious Harvard University and Erasmus University. Below are some of the top suburban communities that Samuel Strauch has highlighted on recently.

The suburban community of Apex was ranked the 10th best suburb for young people according to Samuel Strauch. The town of Apex actually costs a little bit more to live in than in the main city of Raleigh. Samuel Strauch believes that it is well worth the extra 3% in housing costs though. Apex was highlighted as the best place to live in the United States according to Money Magazine in 2015. Strauch says that the area in and around Apex is full of job opportunities with major companies such as IMB, Duke Energy, Cisco, Red Hat and Duke University found here. The Triangle area which Apex is part off, is all one of the fastest growing areas in the USA. Expect a lot of growth and new found wealth in the future. Instagram Photos.

Another great suburban community to reside in the southeast is a town called Murfreesboro. As a suburb of the city of Nashville, Tennessee, Murfreesboro boasts housing that is up to $100,000 cheaper than in the city. It is only 33 miles from the center of Nashville and the area is a major up and coming town. There are two hospitals and new companies and jobs are being created here at a rapid rate. Samuel Strauch also says that there is more than enough attractions to keep a young person satisfied. Expect a home for around $300,00 in the town of Murfreesboro.

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Both Sam Boraie and Elijah’s Promise are Changing Lives

Elijah’s Promise is a charitable organization based in New Jersey that envisions a community where no one goes hungry because of a lack of money or food. Sam Boraie is a part of that mission while not only serving as a member of the board of directors for this organization but also following his own vision to change lives through new real estate developments and urban rejuvenation projects throughout the Garden State. Elijah’s Promise focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty while Sam continues his personal mission to improve the lives of people in New Jersey one real estate development project at a time.

About Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a true visionary and one of the key leaders of Boraie Development LLC. This company was started over 40 years ago when his father Omar, the founder and CEO of the company, first arrived in New Jersey after emigrating from Egypt. His father quickly recognized the beauty of New Jersey back then and saw the potential in real estate developments that other developers have ignored for many years as he worked hard over the years to make Boraie Development LLC a success.

Sam is currently one of several vice presidents in the company include his older brother and a younger sister who are all focusing on finding new development targets within the state of New Jersey. While working in the family business for several years, Sam has worked with several world-renowned developers, architects, property managers, and even retired NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal. He formed these partnerships to develop, manage, and sell market rate and high-end projects in a variety of communities and cities across the state of New Jersey. Click here to know more.

Sam and Elijah’s Promise

Sam not only focuses on his family’s business but also dedicates a considerable amount of time to outside interests that benefit the community like Elijah’s Promise. He is not a typical developer that takes a limo to work, sits in a luxury sky rise office, and enjoys a beautiful office view all day while talking on the phone. He sets himself apart as a member and volunteer for Elijah’s Promise by hitting the streets to help end hunger, provide safe and healthy food, create businesses that encourage positive social change, and empower people to gain satisfactory employment and remain on the job.

As one of the organization’s decision-makers since he holds a position on the Board of Directors of Elijah’s Promise, he is also highly involved in planning future objectives for the organization. Another thing that really sets him apart from other real estate developers is that he has a genuine concern for helping the poor and needy unlike those who seek to only gain profit from real estate developments. In addition, this organization falls in line with Sam’s vision to help improve communities located all over New Jersey.

A Leader with True Values

Our values shape who we are and what we do. Sam Boraie exemplifies a leader with true values with his commitment to helping the poor and needy through Elijah’s Promise in addition to his multiple real estate developments that are changing the landscape of New Jersey to create better communities. He is considered a revolutionary leader, not only in real estate but also by providing help to individuals who really need it the most.