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Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa – Photo Tips Using Smartphone Cameras

For those who take advantage of holidays, a camera is the most important part of the event. For the sake of memory, choose not to lose a moment. Here is a good company of tips to aid you during those memorable moments at

1. When Auto-mode is your friend
Let’s not forget that cameras save us the situation to remember memorable moments on However, achieving picture quality is more than just taking a picture. While you can have a powerful smartphone camera, it takes more to take better pictures with the device. Testing and camera configuration should not take you much time. For you to avoid losing the spontaneous moments, select the automatic mode in your camera. This is a critical moment.

2. Achieve Irresistible Sunset
One of the best moments to shoot a photo is during the summer evenings. However, let’s remember that there are irresistible times that we can’t miss. For that reason, the company and place matter a lot. Therefore, have a large depth of field using the little adapter. Use the shutter on Instagram to capture scenes with a wide angle. You should opt for the self-timer instead of pressing the shutter.

3. Use the Bouncing flash
The flash is usually imperative when we are in the interior according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. While we can have got an annoying glare using the flash, it offers a better photo. Use the bouncing flash option towards the ceiling to avoid dirty pictures. However, most flash-integrated cameras do not provide this feature. You can use a card or hold the steerable camera. You will get a more sympathetic flashlight using this option.

4. When using the tripod, secure the focus
If our work requires the use of a tripod, then the best solution is to avoid unnecessary movement on Areas with a breeze and wind don’t need you to cause these changes. The tripod sets them well. Add some weight by hanging at the back. For a precise focus, the tripod offers a much safer way to allow for clarity.

5. When shooting from a crystal, avoid reflection
Whenever we need to take an image through the window, clean the glass well to avoid glare. Create a better contact using the window. Plug in the reflection after playing with the angle.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is an executive businessman from Venezuela. His has succeeded in starting various businesses in Panama. He holds three positions as a Treasurer, President, and Director of five companies in the region.