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Posted by John Kokish on

TalkSpace: A Product Like No Other

Physical health is so prized in our society. We talk about getting in shape all the time. There are entire books, magazines, and websites devoted to the concept of losing weight or taking other positive steps in one’s life towards better health. What is missing from so much of our national conversation is a discussion about the idea of our mental health being equally important.

The reality is that our mental health matters enormously. A person who is in poor mental health simply cannot function in society as they would like or hope to. This is why Talkspace has created something that they hope helps reach out to a broad audience of people to help them with the mental health issues that might arise in their life.

What Talkspace has done is make it possible for people to reach out to a therapist via their smartphone. Essentially, the person is using that very powerful device to text a licensed professional about the mental health struggles that they are having. Already, the program has proven to be highly successful with a lot of people.

The most recent estimates from Talkspace put the number of users touched by their service at around five-hundred thousand. That many people have been connected with approximately one-thousand professionals who help guide them through the sometimes choppy waters of mental health.

For a starting price of just $32 per week, clients may access their therapist for one session per day of texting therapy. For $39 a week they can pop that up to two sessions per day. It is based on what the client feels that they need in their life personally. It is a great boast to their ability to lead the kind of life that they have always wanted to have. Talkspace has made sure that it is a real possibility for everyone to have this opportunity in their lives.