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Trump and Sajwani Continue to Grow Their Relationship

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire developer in the kingdom of Dubai. He is wanting and hoping to grow his business relationship with the United States President Donald Trump and his real estate firm known as the Trump Organization. Sajwani and Trump celebrated New Year’s Eve together and they have already met and discussed the Trump International Golf Club. Although Sajwani and Trump appear to work great together, Sajwani’s friendship extends further to Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. as well as Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Sajwani says that the children are very involved with the business and the details and that they are also very protective of their brand.

Hussain Sajwani has shared that his wife is very good friends with Ivanka. They all have traveled to regularly and they are more than just business partners, they all enjoy each other’s company very much. Sajwani is very supportive of all of the Trump’s and even boasts about how great of a worker Ivanka is. She is very dedicated to the project, even while pregnant, and continued to be involved until just a few days before she delivered. Sajwani was in New York just a few days after the birth of Ivanka’s child and she even was able to talk business with him so soon after giving birth. It is clear to see that everyone shares a great relationship and they genuinely enjoy talking to and being around each other.

Sajwani was able to meet with his good friend and business partner Trump right before the election. They met and talked over dinner. Sajwani even came back after the election was over to meet with Ivanka. The two families attended a New Year’s Eve celebration together where President Trump called the Sajwani family the “most beautiful people”.

The DAMAC owner believes that the brand will benefit from the election and that he is very open to continuing to have a deeper relationship with this brand. Sajwani would love to enhance his relationship with the Trump Organization as well as the Trump family. It is easy to see that the Trump family and the Sajwani family have a great relationship, both business related and personal.

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