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It Isn’t Only CEOs Purchasing Luxury Homes

During the 20th century, luxury homes were reserved only for the most successful CEOs. These were individuals who had both the time and money to make such as investment worthwhile. These homes would come with gates, lavish furniture, and the latest technology integrated into their homes. More than anything, these homes were solid investments. Today, there is a new breed of luxury home buyer. Young professionals are skipping the starter home and jumping straight to the luxury home. The new generation is smart, informed, and tech-savvy.

They understand how the real estate market works before making a large investment. Because these are frequently young, single professionals, the real estate market has been forced to adjust how they market the various homes on the market. Young home buyers have different needs than 60-year-old CEOs who are on the verge of retirement. Furthermore, these individuals frequently begin their search on the internet. Real estate agents have had to use social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to reach out to this new customer base.


What do the young entrepreneurs look for in NYC apartments for sale? When it comes to New York City, these young professionals want to live in Manhattan. They want a property that is close to their favorite bars and restaurants. This means Tribeca and the Upper East Side. The most important factor is being able to work remotely from their homes. This fits their desire to become workaholics. Frequently, the buyers request a property with high ceilings that will provide space to style the home to their modern tastes.


The company cornering the young entrepreneur market is TOWN Residential. While just a few years old, TOWN Residential has already undertaken New York City’s luxury real estate opportunities, and found the perfect properties for the young professional. Boasting an impressive track record, NYC apartments for sale have all been updated perfectly for the new market. TOWN Residential combines a unique mixture of experience with the latest ideas. TOWN Residential uses elite customer service to focus on the NYC apartments for sale and make sure the customer’s every need is met. They serve as a shining example to the rest of the real estate market.