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Jay Z and Live Nation 360 deal to end next year

Jay Z’s 360 deal with Live Nation, which was worth $150 million, will come to an end next year. The deal, which was signed in 2008, gave Live Nation the right to use the singer’s recorded music for ten years. The contract will see either of the parties sell or buy their stakes in the company. Jay Z, however, is already in the process of getting new contracts with other bigwigs.

According to inside sources, Live Nation is willing to continue with the Jay Z Music Tour although, they will opt out of the recorded music contract as they no longer buy recorded music rights. However, there are other sentiments that the 360 deal will not be extended as Live Nation has backed out on buying recorded music. Jay Z has invited interested parties to enter into a new deal of buying his recorded music. Live Nation doesn’t wish to terminate this lucrative deal and is using all means necessary to get into another contract.  Check

Desiree Perez is a renowned producer who is known for organizing the successful On the Run Tour 2014, which Jay Z and Rihanna were a part of as ROC Nation artists. Desire has been in the music industry for decades becoming the best in managing music tours and events. Recently, Desire has negotiated many other deals, which will generate billions in revenue to ROC Nation.  More of this on

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Desire has been the brains behind successful deals in ROC Nation that has made her have many accolades. She is a close associate of Jay Z, and she has worked hard to sign in many artists to the ROC Nation. Desire Perez has participated in other deals which include, the Rihanna Samsung deal and also the Beyonce Formation stadium deal. She has been dedicated to ensuring that ROC Nation crunches every deal as well as securing the signed artists’ future. For updates on Dez timeline activities, click

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