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Michael Terpins -Leading the Way in Rallly Sports

Michel Terpins is a name to be reckon with in the world of rally racing. One of the most respected racer in rally racing, Terpins broke into the field in 2002, beginning in the motorcycle class. He soon worked his way up to the rally category, where he and his brother Rodrigo have earned a wealth of respect. In reality, the love and spirit to win in sports runs in the blood of the Terpins clan with his father Jack retiring from a fruitful basketball career and his also renowned brother Rodrigo.

Many consider rally racing the best and only kind of racing. It is a game for the elitist and not for the faint of heart. The well-known name of Michel Terpins is due to his unsinkable prowess in rally sporting. A Brazilian rally driver, Michel has made a huge splash in the rally sporting industry.

Terpins, a major competitor in the category Prototypes T1 has competitively raced in numerous prestigious competitions on his T-Rex He has earned several podium positions and maintained super classifications. At the Brazilian 2015 Cross Country Rally, Terpins graced the field in runner-up place.

Navigator Maykel Justo and Terpins participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally but faced mechanical problems, which cut them from the race. The duo was doing great until they sustained damage to the rear suspension and gearbox damage in the third round of the race. They had been in the lead during the first two rounds. True sportsmen, the two were disappointed, but happy to have been part of the race. The Sertoes Rally is riddled with challenges including poor terrain and unpredictable weather. However, that didn’t stop the duo, placing 4th in the Prototype T1 group and tenth position overall. The dynamic duo are considered one of the top five of the fastest racers in the event.

Michel and his brother have certainly made Brazil proud with their confidence and courage, and they will probably continue to do so for a long time.