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Mullen Lowe And The Different Types Of Advertising

When people think about advertising, they often think about the commercials that show up in between segments of the shows they are watching. However, there is another type of advertisement that is not as common. They are called infomercials. These are special because they are not as widely shown. However, there are cases that commercials come out that are shortened versions of the infomercials. While commercials interrupt shows, the infomercial is its own show. Therefore, there is a lot more room to make sure that enough information is given out about a certain product so that people can be comfortable with buying it.

The best way to make the most out of an infomercial is to make sure that one has the help of an experienced and passionate advertiser. Jose Borghi is an example of such an advertiser. He does his work with Mullen Lowe. They come up with some of the best ideas in order to combine the flair of a commercial with the information of a documentary so that they will help the user make the decision on buying the product when he watches it. Mullen Lowe knows all of the advantages that come with infomercials.

One major advantage is time. Infomercials run anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes in length. It is up to the advertiser to list all of the good points of the product and even show a demonstration of it. This will cause interest to rise in the product. Customers who see the infomercial will not only be amazed at the presentation, but they will also know for certain how it is supposed to work. Therefore, they will know what to expect from the product because of the infomercial. Therefore, the product turns out to be an easy sell for the company. Customers will order from different media.

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