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Sujit Choudhry and His Study of Comparative Law


Comparative law has been widely recognized as a branch of law that differentiates between the various laws that are known to man. Be it either the socialist law, Hindu law, Judaic law, Islamic law and Chinese Law. It provides for understanding the clear distinction between all of these fields and how they run coterminous to each other.


The study was founded in the 18th century, having been called a comparative study before that time. Montesique, a french author of criminal law was the brains behind creating this law. Having put it all down in his magnum opus De l’epriit de lois.  Learn about the subject on


Sujit Choudhry is a man that has created a name for himself in the international forum. His name has become synchronous with the study and conclusive developments of comparative law. His wide wealth of knowledge comes from the on-field experience that he had gained working closely as an advisor to the formulation of the constitution of various nations. Kenya, South Africa, Nepal, Sri lanka, Egypt, Jordan just to name a few.


He is also an avid writer and writes profusely on the work carried out by him as a token to further the studies in this field. Till date, he has authored ninety-two articles, various book reports, working reports etc. He is in the process of editing two of his books The Indian Constitutional Law and Constitution Making. His natural propensity towards comparative law has been widely acknowledged in the form of various awards that he was endowed with. Like the Trudeau fellowship, the McArthur awards of the Canadians.  Check his blogs at


He was educated in the prestigious Harvard Law school and is currently working as a professor at the university of California, Berkeley in the capacity of a professor at their school of law. Professor Choudhry is quite active in helping with the development of the constitution of various nations, done in his capacity as a research fellow at the United Nations Mediation roaster.

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