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Rona Borre and the Scope of Business Earned

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a forward thinking staffing and recruiting firm in Chicago, Illinois. She formed the company in a spare bedroom of her condo in Chicago. Just before that instance she had been the leading account executive in a large global staffing company where she has destroyed every sales record that the company ever had.

This step of company formation is not normally for the faint hearted, but Rona was not too worried, as she figured that if she just kept on doing the things she had done at that other company, things might just work out alright. And work out they did, 15 years or so later, things look just fine. Learn from Borre, click on

Instant Alliance works with Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s, the Argonne Laboratories, and the University of Chicago. Mid-sized companies and smaller ones too are welcomed as clients.

Rona Borre specializes in financial and technological professionals as those are the talents that are needed by companies who are on the move and needing those transition people to get them to the next level. Borre has grown her company by hiring extremely talented account executives who are trainable and ambitious. A company grows only be earning their place in a market by the utilization of good and talented employees.  Check

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