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Tony Petrello’s Estimable Proficiency

Anthony Petrello is the president of Nabors Company. He is also the Chief executive officer of the company as well as the chairman of the board. He has an important academic education that plays a significant role in his capabilities in modern days. He attended the University of Yale where he graduated with an M.S as well as a B.S in mathematics. He also attended Harvard law school and graduated with a J.D. degree. After acquiring his academic qualifications, Petrello was now ripe for his career. He began working for major companies, and this served as a major boost to his experience.

He has served in very senior positions in large corporations, and this makes him a known individual in the entire world. Having served Nabors Company for more than two decades, he has helped the company grow to a very great height. This has seen him help the company at very prime positions. In the year 1991, he became the chief operating officer, and this significantly elevated his career. After serving diligently as the operating officer, the company’s management recognized his efforts and promoted him to the official position in the year 1992. He continued serving the company with unmatched zeal and this in return made the company grow as time went passed. The year 2013 saw Anthony named as the deputy chairman of the enterprise. Visit his Social Media website.

Anthony Petrello has accumulated his experience in serving other companies before joining Nabors Company. He worked for a law firm called Baker & McKenzie where he acted as the managing partner, and this made him very senior. His past has seen him serve the Texas Children’s Hospital where he held the Director’s position. He has also acquired experience serving Media On Demand Company as the Director. Having gained vast experience in all the companies he helped, as well as his unmatched academic qualification, Anthony is one of the senior-most individuals in the world. In the records of the geothermal company, Anthony is among the highest paid employees. In connection to this, the year 2015 saw him accumulate a total of 27,663,602 Dollars as his salary.

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Sujit Choudhry Is Helping The World Connect

An International Education

Sujit Choudhry is truly a global citizen. He was born in New Delhi, India, but he received most of his formal education abroad. In fact he is in personal possession of degrees in law from New York University, the University of Toronto, and Oxford University. Even as a professor Choudhry continues to travel the globe to teach constitutional law. He has taught at NYU, the University of Toronto, and UC Berkeley over the course of his career.

Building Constitutional Governments Abroad

Outside of academia, Choudhry serves as both an advisor and consultant to NGOs and governments who seek to create constitutional leadership. Examples of this work are visible in the efforts he’s placed into advising developing nations such as Egypt and Libya. These countries have recently experienced turmoil as a result of the toppling of autocratic regimes, so they enlist the help of those with a strong background in constitutional law to rebuild their society. For Choudhry, this is more than an occupation. He is working towards a more global world where people can peacefully coexist through democratic rule.

A More Global World

At the center of the work of Sujit Choudhry is the desire to form multinational and multicultural alliances. To achieve this dream developing nations must overcome their currently oppressive leaderships and follow a model based on the more established governments of the developed world. Constitutions provide the perfect framework to build more inclusive and open societies. They prevent potential dictators from coming to power, they empower the citizenry of a nation, and they foster better relations between countries overall.

The Published Works Of Sujit Choudhry

Choudry is also an accomplished writer with numerous published books and articles. In fact, he has written more than 70 articles for various publications. Naturally, his writings are related to his work and they tend to contend with the issues inherent in building constitutional democracies. Recently, Sujit Choudhry announced a new book based on the constitution of his birth country India. Published by Oxford Press, he believes the book will help others understand the inner workings of the Indian constitution.

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Comparative Law And How The Specialty Has Developed Over The Years

Law professors and experts from across the world have invested a lot of time and resources in learning about the laws applied by different communities. Many people who pursue legal education aspire to also understand how other communities govern their institutions. The growth of law can be traced thousands of years ago and different eras came with different pieces of law that were applicable depending on the times.

The laws available and used today are different from the ones that were used 500 years ago and this is because the ones used many years ago may not be applicable due to the changes in the world that have occurred in that time span. With each community adopting laws that are suitable for different purposes, constitutional development has also called for some research and borrowing to help the professionals incorporate new concepts that work perfectly in some regions.

Comparative law is a specialty of law that has been growing each year and its origin can be traced back to the 18th century. When the practice was developed, European scholars were moving to find solutions to different problems by borrowing ideas used by institutions based in different countries. Comparative law has developed over many years to become a practice that is applied by governments during constitutional development.

Professionals who deal with the development of laws want to include new concepts that are unique and drafted to fit within the modern times and environment. This can be possible through borrowing of information and ideas for the development of laws that are unique and ideal for different institutions. Therefore, comparative law has wide application and its relevance continues to grow.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned comparative law professor who has directed his passion for law towards working on constitutional development and comparative methods of coming up with new laws and ways of governing institutions. Due to his experience and knowledge, Sujit Choudhry has worked with different governments in constitutional development. He also joined the United Nations Media Roster as a consultant and his effort helped the World Bank to solve constitutional problems in countries like Tunisia, Nepal and Egypt.

Most importantly, Sujit Choudhry authored several books and journals addressing different concepts of law. Among areas he authored about is transition from conflict, demographic politics around ethnically divided communities as well as constitutional development and the relevance of comparative law in such vital processes.