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Brazil Wants Iran To Be A Key Trading Partner

Brazil’s President Michel Temer has been traveling around the world for the last four months. Temer wants to strengthen Brazil’s export business. The new president wants to sign new trade agreements with countries like the UK, China, United States, Argentina and other countries is important. One old relationship is getting new life. Iran has been Brazil’s trading partner for years, and both countries want to increase trade with each other. Iran and Brazil have been friends for years. Both countries the healthy economic relations that stretch across the mining, technology, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries. The energy industry is also part of that list.

Brazil has always stayed away from political conflicts. The largest economy in the Latin world got that way by being friends with countries around the globe. One of Brazil’s best trading partners is China. No one knows that better than Flavio Maluf, the president of the global building material supplier, Eucatex. China has been building new offices, retail spaces, and homes for the last five years and Eucatex is one of China’s go-to companies for building materials.

Eucatex wasn’t always an international company. The Maluf family business started when Flavio’s grandfather owned the Sawmill Americana Sawmill in the state of Sao Paulo. The sawmill cut a lot of eucalyptus trees in the 1950s for the domestic construction industry. The sawmill had a lot of cut eucalyptus wood that was left over from the construction orders. Grandfather Maluf decided to make a ceiling tile out of the leftover wood. He showed his new product to a few customers, and they placed orders to buy the inexpensive and good looking ceiling tiles. The demand for the tiles grew. Maluf started a new company just to handle the demand for the tiles. He called that company Eucatex.

Today, Eucatex is one of the top companies in the building supply and home improvement industries. The company has offices in cities around the globe. Flavio Maluf is of Brazil’s leading advocates of the clean air agreement. Maluf is also a leading environmentalist. All Eucatex factories and offices use renewable energy and have an in-house recycling program in place.