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Christopher Burch Is a True Serial Entrepreneur

Christopher Burch has spent the last 40 years of his life making an impact as an entrepreneur and investor. He has an impressive track record. He has directly participated in the growth of more than 50 companies. His success is largely due to his ability to marry innovation with impact. As the founder and CEO of Burch Capital Group, he employs a unique investment strategy that utilizes imagination, creative ability, support, scale, and incubation. He is a market disruptor, and the brands and businesses that he takes to the next level all have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of consumers.  Click on for an in-depth look at Burch business.

Burch Capital Group’s portfolio includes the Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Voss Water, Nihiwatu, and Poppin.  Based on, Burch has also made his mark in other real estate ventures that include luxury home developments in Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida, and Southhampton, New York. He is currently helping to develop a number of lifestyle and consumer product brands that range from hospitality and organic foods to apparel and home furnishings. He is the perfect example of a serial entrepreneur.

In a recent interview by Lynn Fosse, senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Burch sets out to explain his entrepreneurial driving force. He makes it clear that consumers are always in mind. Thus, he hatches ideas that will have a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives. His ideas all have the potential to go global. He also shares the value of asking questions and listening.  Check the full interview on

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Young entrepreneurs that benefit from his experience are those who are willing to ask and follow up on instruction. By asking relevant questions, they can command his attention. These are usually the people who are the most determined to succeed. He also shares his revelation that success is far more than instinct. Age matters! Entrepreneurs should go with their gut, but should always weigh things against their experience. Christopher Burch is a man on the move. Related article on

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Chris Burch teamed up with a colleague and turned a hostel on the beach into Nihiwatu hotel worth approximately 30 million dollars. In 2016, the hotel that he built with Tory Burch was selected as the best in the globe by the Travel and Leisure hotel. In 2015, Chris Burch confessed that he bought Nihiwatu as a legacy to his children and an avenue to assist the society but it has turned out to be a rare precious gem.

Chris Burch is a lucky man as he gets to split his time traveling within his three homes in Nihiwatu, Miami, and the Hamptons. The five-star resort has private villas which include the billionaire’s private residence. Nihiwatu is situated on the Indonesian island of Sumba which is on the Western Coast of the island. The resort’s nickname is the edge of wilderness. However, the name of the five-star resort translates to mortar stone in the local language and it was named after a rock formation.

Nihiwatu has been able to live up to Chris Burch’s dream of giving back to his community, as it is one of the largest employers in the island. In addition to this part of the resort’s profits are donated to a foundation called Sumba Foundation which is an establishment that funds local projects in the community.

Nihiwatu has spectacular views that overlook the Indian Ocean and the Nihi Beach. The resort has a fabulous entertaining area with a marvelous pool. The five-star hotel indoor décor consists of traditional Sumba antiques. It also features a spa on the beach; however, you can have your treatments in the privacy of your room. The five-star resort has a wellness center that provides yoga sessions. Nevertheless, the instructors also give private custom made yoga classes.

For the surfers, Nihiwatu is the ideal place for you as it offers some of the best tidal waves for surfing. For the new surfers, learn how to surf at Coconut Grove. Excursions to the adjacent waterfalls and horseback riding are available.

About Chris Burch

According to, Chris Burch is an investor, realtor, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He also co-founded the Tory Burch, fashion brand. The billionaire has over ten investments in various industries which include hospitality, apparel, technology, financial services, consumer products and food industry. For an update of Burch timeline activities, click on

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In addition to this, he has been very instrumental in the success of various companies. By imparting his keen sales and marketing skills, J. Christopher Burch also plays an advisory role in various businesses.  Chris Burch is on the advisory board of various successful establishments.  For more, click

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