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Christopher Burch Diversification into Hospitality

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Nearly 40 years now, Burch has been an active entrepreneur and investor in various industries ranging from technology, fashion to real estate. Currently, hospitality has added to the list of his investment categories.

Burch Investment Onset

Burch began entrepreneurship (in 1976) while he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Together with his brother Robert, they invested $2000 in the fashion industry which they named Eagles Eye apparel. By 1998, Eagles Eye was valued at $60 million when it was entirely sold to Swire group. Though out of fashion industry partially, Burch yet again helped his wife launch Tory Burch fashion brand and label in 2004. Burch independently established J. Christopher Capital LLC in 2008, presently known as Burch Creative Capital. The Company incubates new brands and manages his investments. For additional reading, try clicking this.

Christopher and Diversification

The year 2004 is when Burch got his feet into diversifying for the first time. He partnered with Philippe Stark (architect) and Alan Faena (hotelier) to develop Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires. In 2005, he furthered more in real estate by purchasing a condo at a Southampton Newyork at $14 million and sold it at $25 million after renovating the property, check for a related article.  Nonetheless, Burch founded a supplier of construction material to developers of real estate in 2006.

Other Shades of Investment

‘Watch it’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Tom Flynn was produced by Burch. The film got a significant review. Besides entertainment, Burch has also been an investor in telecommunication where he has invested in Aliph, Powermat and the internet IPO for Internet Capital Group.

Yet another

Chris Burch has ventured in the hospitality industry since 2012. With his evident prominence and successful co-ventures with C. Wonder and Tory Burch, Burch now is in partnership with James McBride. This partnership has seen them establish a renowned five-star hotel called Nihiwatu. The resort was opened back in 2015 and it is now the best hotel for travel and leisure in the world.

At the core of Burch success is the partnerships. He well knows how to co-work to build successful investments and empires. Also, his eye and attention to diversity have taken him to being a billionaire. He was first named ‘The World’s Billionaire” in 2012 when they valued his stakes in C.Wonder. It’s best to note that Burch success is attributed to diversification and partnership. Be updated with Burch’s recent timeline activities and more, head over to

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