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Life Line Screening And The Importance of In-Depth Testing

Andrew Manganaro is a cardiovascular surgeon that has witnessed first hand what the effects of health conditions can do to the body. A great deal of those health care conditions could have been avoided with preventive care. Countless people have died because health conditions went undiagnosed. Manganaro is in charge of the quality of the protocols that Life Line Screening uses. He wanted to design a program that was affordable to the public and that screened conditions in the body that go without symptoms until the disease progresses.

Life Line Screening is a company that offers preventive health care to the public. It is a nationwide company that offers services that detect various health issues. The type of services they offer are not limited to finger-stick blood testing, ultrasound, and an EKG. Each one of these services are vital in detecting conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, liver conditions, problems with different organs, and so on.

The finger-stick method isn’t painful. It involves a slight prick of the finger in order to get blood from it. That blood is then taken and tests are run on it. Afterwards a bandage is applied and the patient is good to go.

The ultrasound is a test that uses high frequency waves to generate images for the physicians to view. This test can be used to detect issues in the heart, abdominal cavity, and other areas. It is vital in gaining insight on the inside of a patient. It is virtually painless and done in a matter of minutes.

The EKG is a test used to detect irregularities in the heart. These irregularities help doctors determine the type of heart condition the patient has so that treatment can be started immediately. We often go for a while without noticing the symptoms of an irregular heart beat so that is why an EKG is vital in a patient’s preventive health case.

Preventive health care shouldn’t be placed on the back burner. It is time for patients to take control of their health back and by using the services that Life Line Screening offers, the patient can have a sense of peace in knowing that their health is in good standing for more info: click here.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Impacts Quality of Life through Expertise

Approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is detail-oriented and performs cosmetic surgeries with precision and accuracy. She specializes in the following cosmetic surgeries: breast augmentations, face-lifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties. When choosing her field, she ultimately chose cosmetic surgery to improve quality of life that would yield happiness and satisfaction to her clients.


A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that reverses the signs of aging by tightening the muscles, removing fat, and trimming excess skin in order to give a youthful and fresh appearance. After years of the body and skin combating the effects of time, gravity, sun exposure, and daily life stresses, its appearance becomes noticeably tiresome. The formal terminology of facelift, rhytidectomies, means the removal of wrinkles. Facelifts are most effective on faces with the following: creases under the eyes, creases between the nose and mouth, sagging areas, and loose skin around the jaw and chin.


A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes, reduces, or realigns a nose. The intention of a rhinoplasty can be in consequences of a birth defect, breathing ability, or to change the appearance and/or shape of the nose, specifically the width or or angle. This procedure typically lasts 1-2 hours varying on the extent of transformation to the nose.


Dr. Walden is one of only twelve female cosmetic surgeons in Austin, Texas. Texas Monthly Staff reports that Dr. Walden was formally trained through an aesthetic surgery fellowship and is the co-author of the book, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She utilizes the most innovative technology and is committed to the patient’s safety and satisfaction. Book a consultation or appointment today by visiting her company website.


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USHEALTH Group Combining Excellence and Affordability in Insurance

In a perfect world, there are no diseases, health conditions, accidents, or even financial worries. Sadly, there is no such a thing as a perfect world and different kind of uncertainties are part of human existence. Fortunately, however, a few companies such as the USHEALTH Group Inc. do their best to bring the world much closer to perfection.

Offering Protection Every Step of the Way

Life is a long journey and anything can happen along the way. While some misfortunes can be avoided, you cannot always successfully evade most of severe mishaps in life. It is, thus, wise to have a protector watch your back and that of your family. USHEALTH Group, through life and health insurance companies operating under it has been offering coverage against particular diseases and sicknesses, critical illnesses, dental and vision health conditions as well as accidents for decades. Additionally, it provides financial back-up against loss of income as a result of accidents through the Accident Disability Income Insurance which is short-term.

Filling the Financial Gap

The death of the bread-winner often marks the beginning of all kinds of problems for the family members left behind. While no one can really fill the physical and emotional gaps left behind by the departed loved one, there is definitely something that can be done about the financial gap. USHEALTH Group insurance is always there to do exactly that for its members. All you need is to sign up for Life Protector plan which is renewable after 10 years. Thereafter, you don’t have to worry about the financial difficulties your family is likely to go through in the event that something unexpected happens to you, and you are either dismembered or pass away. See more.


Everyone needs peace of mind to enjoy life to the fullest. Getting insurance cover is the most practical and easiest way of protecting yourself and your loved ones against most worries in life. However, not every insurance company offers the best at the price you can comfortably pay. It is, therefore, important that you make your choice wisely. Apart from over half-a-century’s experience in the insurance industry, USHEALTH has some of the most passionate staff, determined to get rid of their client’s worries. Thanks to their dedication and use innovation, the company has won several prestigious business awards including the Stevie Awards.