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Posted by John Kokish on

The Ghosts Of Universal Studios Walk Again


While there are terrifying stories of people robbing others, impersonating police and park workers, and being trapped on malfunctioning rides for hours, the truly frightening stories are of the ghosts that refuse to leave.

The most popular one has to be Stage 28 where Lon Chaney still appears randomly, dressed in the cloak he wore in phantom of the Opera. He has made unexpected appearances in plays, and has been seen on the cat walks overhead as well.

If you want to meet the oldest ghost, however, you will need to visit the back lots where stunt pilot Frank Stites died on opening day in 1915. He was reenacting an attack scene, in which he was to drop explosives in an unmanned plane. When he dropped the prop, something went horribly wrong. The calculated explosion of the second plane was too big, hitting Stites’ plane and throwing him from it to the ground below. He landed on the back lot, dead on impact with his spine driven into his skull, in the middle of the opening day crowd. Apparently, he is not willing to leave, having been there from day one, because there have been several accounts of a man walking the lots in an old aviators outfit, and almost maniacal laughing.

These types of Universal Studios accidents have led the studio to be deemed as one of the most haunted theme parks ever. Once you feel that cold chill and the hair on the back of your neck, you will know you had the whole Universal Experience.