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How George Soros does More than Philanthropy – His Story and Who He is Today

The name George Soros has been a prominent name lately, especially with the advent of technology, social media and all that comes within the age of information that we live in. To some, George Soros is the billionaire with an unlimited amount of money, which he uses to promote liberal agenda, have the liberals take over the world and other absurd claims that he wants to make the world full of gays and submissive people with low testosterone. He has been a target of hate and criticism from prejudice and bias, but his actions have spoken louder than the opposing aggressive team. George Soros is one of the most prominent philanthropists in the world, alive, today. More than that, he changed the meaning of philanthropy.

But to understand and know more about the man, we must dig deeper to his roots. Unlike many billionaires that have been fed with a silver spoon from the moment they were born and eventually inherited their family’s businesses are properties, George Soros actually started from the bottom.

George was born in 1930, Budapest, Hungary, to a Jewish family. His Jewish roots would cause him a lot of trouble because his childhood was going to take place in the same period that the Nazi forces began advancing through Hungary. Because of this, George has first-handedly experienced the Nazi oppression, having been censured and obliged to live with fear every day of his youth in Budapest. To avoid Nazi persecution, he and his family members had no choice but to hide their identities.

George went to London to flee from that life and to try to study and graduate in a University, and was able to escape the grasp of post-war Nazism with help from the family. There, George Soros worked as a railway porter to support his studies at the London School of Economics. In a few months studying and dedicating hard to become one of the best students in his class, his professors were already noticing his talent for financial administration.

After the University, armed with the knowledge that he got from his studies in economics, he eventually became one of the most successful people in the world of investments and finance. George Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world, one of the smartest investors alive, and one of the kindest people in the philanthropy world. His wealth has never stopped him from donating to the cause of the Jewish communities and other honorable mentions.

Indeed, George uses his money to fund groups that fight for civil, human and migrant rights, as well as freedom of speech, but not with malice, as the far-right would have us believe. The investor has created the Open Society Foundations, the chain of charitable institutions that have helped thousands of people with poverty, abuse, and censure. George has given more than $12 billion in support of groups that fight for these rights, and recently he also gave $18 billion to Open Society, the second biggest philanthropic organization in the United States and more