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Meet Richard Blair, The Austin Texas Investment Manager Of Unequaled Credentials


Richard Blair, the Proprietor of Wealth Solutions, is a highly qualified finance and investment advisor. Apart from his degree in finance from the University of Houston, he has certification in other specialties.



Blair is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, and a Certified Tax Specialist. He is also a Retirement Income Certified Professional. His qualification and his long years of experience position him as the go-to financial advisor and manager.



Richard Blair drew his inspiration to begin financial advisory services from his family. His grandmother and his mother were teachers. From them, he observed that teaching enhanced confidence and knowledge. He wanted to help people to make better financial decision and investments. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of the residents of Austin, Texas, the same way his family members were doing as teachers.



In 1994, a year after graduating from university, he opened his firm, Wealth Solutions. The firm has offices in Austin, and it mostly serves local clients. The services that the firm offers can be summed to financial planning, investment advisory, services, and wealth management.



The firm, in which Richard Dwayne Blair is the chief investment officer, has a reputation for giving quality advice to grow clients’ investments and better prepare for retirement. He also works with retirees to help them manage their retirement finances. It offers services to individuals from all social classes, small to medium size businesses, and corporations.



Wealth Solutions has a team of highly qualified employees. Some of them are Vashanti Mehta, Kathleen Neck, and Karen Mosich. The firm has an annual return of about $440,000.Find Related Information Here.



Richard Blair’s firm applies a three-pronged strategy approach. They discuss with the client and come up with a financial plan to suit the needs of the client. They then look for long-term means of achieving the plan. Lastly, they look into how the client and the investments can be insured. So committed is Richard Blair to the success of his clients that he works with them until they achieve their dreams of financial security.


Richard Blair, who is married to his wife Joanne, enjoys riding bikes when not focusing on his work at Wealth Solutions. He has three children, and he loves going on family vacations. He also plays golf. Just like Blair’s grandmother and mother, his wife is a teacher.




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How George Soros Made His Billions and How He Uses Them

George Soros was born in Hungary. As a young boy, he left the country and went to London, where he put himself through the London school of economics working as a waiter and a railway porter. After college, he moved to New York and started his own hedge fund in 1969. In 1992, along with his partner Stan Druckenmiller, he sold the British pound shorts making huge profits. To this day, he is a major investor through Soros Fund Management which is worth nearly $30 billion. In 2017, Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, to manage his portfolio. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Soros is a major supporter of liberal causes, and was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. In 1979 Soros established the Open Society. Open Society is based on the fact that the world is an imperfect place, but it can be improved upon. The organization started out by supporting scholarships funds for black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Open Society focuses on building tolerant democracies, where governments are accountable to their citizens. It promotes human rights, democratically elected governments, and a society that helps keep government control at a minimum. The organization works throughout the world to try and promote fairness and safeguard human rights.

Some of his other efforts involve trying to create more transparent and democratic societies. He criticized the war on drugs as more harmful than the drugs themselves. He helped start America’s medical marijuana acceptance. Soros supports same-sex marriage. He has supported many democratic candidates for U.S. President over the years.

Over the years, Soros has supported a number of lawyers to defend individuals being held unjustly in prisons around the world. He has supported underprivileged groups, with educational expenses around the world. Soros continues to advocate for world democracy, government transparency, and the improvement of the human condition. Currently in his 80s, George Soros is still active in promoting liberal causes.

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U.S. Money Reserve Wants Visitors to Explore its New Site

U.S. Money Reserve recently launched an online catalog for unique and rare silver, gold, and platinum coins. The newly launched e-commerce site is designed to be intuitive and functional. Thus, offering a great customer experience.

About the New Site is intended to reflect the status of the company as a leader in the precious metals sector. It has new features, which are a reflection of the company’s values of commitment to quality customer service and trust. The new site features impressive photos of the company’s leader, Phil N. Diehl. There is also some impressive coin photography to be found on the site. The site has a dual purpose; enhance the coin buying experience and explain to users the benefit of purchasing government-issued gold bullion.

According to its VP of Brand and Creative, the site will allow the company to generate quality content across multiple platforms. He was responsible for the overhaul of the site. Besides that, he oversaw the implementation of new features and application that are aimed at making the site educative and easy to use.

Some of the Features

The online shop offers live competitive pricing for silver and gold bullion bars. Besides that, the company also offers clients PCGS certified coins and other products for the discerning purchasers of precious metals. Customers can visit the Knowledge Center feature on the site for the latest information about precious metals.

Some of the Reason to Use US Money Reserve

The company has a Client-Connect Advantage that allows it to connect with clients for consultations. Besides that, the feature allows customers to get special offline releases, secure offline transactions, and assistance for purchases. The company also has BuyBack Guarantee feature. The feature is among the best refund features in the precious metals industry.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is among the biggest private distributors of government-issued precious metals products in the country. The company, which was founded in 2001, has grown to become one of the biggest distributors of government-issued precious metal products globally. The company is a trusted ally by many clients who want to diversify their wealth with precious metals products.

The company has a team of highly trained professionals that include coin researchers and numismatists. They have a lot of knowledge and experience in finding the highest quality of precious metal products. They aim to establish long-term relationships with their customers. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.