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Fabletics, Enhancing Brand through Customer Reviews

Consumer purchases are in one way or another swayed by the power of the crowd. As much as a personal recommendation is important, customers would easily prefer a product with crowd-sourced reviews to determine whether or not to make the final purchase. With this scheme in place, many brands are focusing on review-centric marketing techniques to consumer behavior. Fabletics, a renowned women sportswear brand has consistently directed its operations to fit the crowd’s needs, consequently showcasing a 200% growth and making up to 235 million in revenue while still hosting over a million paying members. Fabletics’ parent company, the TechStyle Fashion Group, supports the company’s initiative of embracing the importance of user reviews to steer their success.


Consumer reviews not only have the ability to primarily increase customer acquisition but also increases the chances of customers retaining brands, therefore, improving loyalty. In the current markets, most consumers directly rely on digital platforms. Thus, online reviews play a significant role in determining the direction of their final decisions. It is more likely that an individual would first consider researching businesses before making a purchase. If the product has massive reviews, this equates to a positive crowd-sourcing and therefore stands a better chance of attracting customers. Statistically, BrightLocal study managed to conduct a survey and found out that 84% of people rely on online reviews the same way they would trust a personal recommendation from a trusted source.


It is clear that traditional advertising and marketing is not a reliable method of luring customers to products. The fact that trust is an all-time factor directly equates to the safety and power of feedback from the crowd. Fabletics among other smart brands that have embraced and leveraged this system has not lived to regret that move. Over 50% of customers go over a business online at least once a month. 60% of them openly confess that negative reviews are a direct turn-off and they would not have second thoughts about not trusting the business. This means that a business’ reputation has a great impact on a customer’s consideration. Therefore, we can state that great reviews are great power.


Kate Hudson

On a recent event, various celebrities and Hollywood stars are seen gracing the Beverly Hills Hotel, to celebrate Fabletics’ collaboration with Demi Lovato, a famous pop star. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to elevate their TechStyle Fashion Group, they had to spice up their initiative with creative hands. Kate Hudson was their ultimate choice, thanks to her outgoing personality and approachable nature. After joining Fabletics, Kate has been heavily involved in pushing for the success of the brand. She enthusiastically took charge of creating a perfect image for the brand, one of which involved finding a social media strategy.


Kate Hudson was aware of the importance of being hands-on while keeping track of both budget reviews and sales numbers. She has also put much effort into the design process while working hand in hand with the team, making sure that all the styles are fresh and suitable for the market.

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The Marketing That Makes Fabletics Special

Most people know that following the crowd is something that humans are generally used to doing. Because of this, the Fabletics company knows that they can do more to help people and that they can experience more in the situations that they have helped their clients out with. They use the power of the crowd to help them grow and that is something that many other businesses could do if they continue to help others out with the things that they are doing. It has helped people to have a more positive outlook on Fabletics and on the things that they are doing to make their business better.


Even when Fabletics first began selling clothes, they knew that they could help people out and show them different things that they would be able to enjoy in the situations that they were helping people out with. The company knows a lot about the business and they also know that they can do more with the business so that they will be doing more for other people. All of this is what has shown them the different options that they need and has given them the chance to experience more with their business so that they can keep growing and getting better.


The Huffington Post took notice of the things that Fabletics was doing and they realized that the company was innovative with the ideas that they had. They wanted the company to get better and wanted to ensure that people would be able to enjoy it but they also knew that they had to have a positive company so that they would be making things better for everyone. Despite the fact that Fabletics is a relatively new company even Huffington Post likes to do business with and deal with so that they can help other people out with the issues that they are having.


Even when Fabletics did not have the experience that they do now, they were doing different things to help their customers out. They have always relied on good customer service and Forbes knew that when they talked about how Kate Hudson was helping the company. They realized that she was a good ambassador and that she could do a lot to help the company out. They also knew that she was doing a lot to make the company better so that others could see the differences that the company had on people who were in different situations.


Out of everything that Fabletics has done, perhaps the Style Quiz is their most innovative. They try to help people find the perfect outfits by giving them the Style Quiz to take. They show them what they can choose from and then they pick the outfits that people have based on the things that they are doing. All of this helps the company to grow and gives them the chance to show off the things that they are doing so that their customers can get the best service available in that type of industry.

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Richard Mishaan Design Provides Sophistication and Class to Any Home

Richard Mishaan Design is known for its unique and sophisticated images that capture the essence of the individual. Mishaan understands that individual needs for luxury and functionality come hand in hand. Matching the colors and textures is an art form. Richard Mishaan Design dedicates time to listen to what the client wants to see. The bold statements of many of Mishaan’s designs shows in the rooms he designed for the St. Regis Hotel in New York.

Richard Mishaan Design specializes in sophisticated and stylish settings that reflect the powerful personalities that reside in the room. Mishaan’s inspiration for the colorful and unique designs comes from his childhood home in Columbia. The emphasis that Richard Mishaan Design makes to create the unique designs that many interior designers envy is the personalized reflection of the individual.

In some of his designs Mishaan utilizes old furniture and antique pieces and blends them in with ultra modern pieces. The important component for any of the Richard Mishaan Design pieces is that they are functional. Quality pieces that are also functional can be hard to obtain.

Richard Mishaan Design room settings do cause some interesting conversations. The rich blend of colors are a trademark of the organization providing clients with opportunities that may not have had with other interior decorators. The fact is that Richard Mishaan Design with its subtle yet sophisticated style has caused many clients to clamor for this type of setting in their home.

For Mishaan it is important that the settings reflect the personality of the client and the statement they want to make in their living quarters. Richard Mishaan Design does a good job with reflecting the personality of the individuals’ living space. The unique designs create sophistication and class to any room. With over 25 years experienceMishaan stands out.

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Fabletics, Exercise Clothing for Everyone

There are a lot of places you may be able to buy your athletic clothing and you might be thinking about looking into Fabletics for your needs. You may wonder why Fabletics is a good option for you and how it works.


How Fabletics Works


Fabletics is an online subscription service that allows you to purchase exercise clothing online and have it shipped to your house. How it works is you set up an online account that allows you to choose styles and then you pay a monthly fee. Once this is done, you will get a shipment of exercise clothing to your home every month in the style you choose. If you decide you want to change your styles, you only need to go into your account and change it. It’s that easy.


Why Fabletics?


You may wonder why you should buy Fabletics. The biggest reason is ease. You don’t have to worry about going to the store to get new clothing. You only have to wait for your shipment that month and you have something new to wear. This can save you time and money and you will still get the best exercise clothing on the market.


What are Fabletics Clothing?


Fabletics uses high quality materials to create fashionable exercise clothing that will work for your daily exercise needs as well as to wear for everyday use. This makes them extremely versatile and useful for almost everyday. There are new items everyday and some are even good for you if you are going out or want something a little different instead of just the same style of exercise clothing.


Who Should Get Fabletics?


Anyone that wants to have great clothing for their needs should consider Fabletics. This line of exercise clothing is great for everyone and can last a long time. They use wonderfully soft fabric that lasts long and looks great for everyday use.


There are a lot of different options in exercise clothing, but you should take a minute to decide what you want. If you want something that is easy to get and is high quality, then Fabletics may be the best thing for you. The last thing you want is to have clothing that isn’t going to work for your needs or that will rip because of the poor material used.

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New Hair by Wen by Chaz

Oh, to have been born with a glorious, lustrous, easy-to-manage head of hair, just like the ones the models fling about in those incredibly glamorous magazine ads! Sadly, such a beautiful head of hair wasn’t what God handed out to me, so I’ve spent my adult years coping with hair that is fine and very greasy. The result is my hair is flat and lank, lacking in luster and anything remotely resembling style-ability.

Okay, I’d pretty much given up on having nice hair, until I heard about a product called WEN by Chaz Dean. I’d heard many women had had good results with it, so I decided to give it a try on my hair. I even wrote about the experience on

The response to the Sephora endorsed products has been amazing, so I decided to try it.

I used the Amazon best seller Sweet Almond Mint formulation, and it smells fantastic. I used a large amount of product daily, and within days I was getting compliments. Within a week I was transformed! My hair is now light, clean and lustrous, just like in the magazine ads, almost. I love it. Thanks, Wen by Chaz Dean! Visit the website:

Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on

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Jennifer Walden’s Search For A Woman’s Inner Diva

Jennifer Walden is quite a famous plastic surgeon who built her practice in New York City as she accepted every accolade in her industry before moving back to Texas. This article explains how Jennifer goes above and beyond surgery to make every female patient comfortable. Jennifer Walden is on a search for every patient’s inner diva, and she wishes to make women feel as though there is a simpler way to change their appearance.

#1: What Is The Inner Diva?

The inner diva is what Jennifer believes a woman finds when she looks and feel her most beautiful. Woman who feel as though they are in the most perfect version of their own bodies have found their inner diva, and it is quite possible that a woman will continually find her inner diva when she returns to Jennifer’s office for further procedures.

#2: What Are Non-Surgical Procedures?

Non-surgical procedures are incredibly-important for women who are afraid of a surgery. There are quite a few women who are searching for one procedure that will change their life, and non-surgical procedures such as fillers, collagen and Botox will help women change their bodies in an instant. Jennifer offers non-surgical procedures to patients in quick appointments, and she has a steady stream of women who require appointments for surgery.

#3: What Is The Difference In Jennifer’s Office?

Jennifer’s office provides women with a place to come where they are not judged or asked improper questions. Women are taken at their word when they request surgery, and Jennifer does every procedure herself. She is one of the most-skilled women in the world, and she helps women look amazing once their procedures are complete.

The inner diva may be found in several appointments during the day in Jennifer’s office, and she ensures that patients feel better about their bodies. Everyone who visits Jennifer is given a brand new body they can appreciate.


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