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Stem Cell Treatment Healing Chronic Lung Diseases

Chronic Lung disease is no longer a significant threat thanks to stem cells. Stem cells are the building blocks of life. The cells have the ability to regenerate and can form any tissue in the human body. Adult stem cells from an organ are capable of transforming their function and creating tissues that can be used by a different organ. This ability is called plasticity. Lung Institute uses stem cells from the patient’s body to treat pulmonary conditions.

Process of Cell Treatment and more Information on the Therapy

Some blood or bone marrow is taken from the patient so as to harvest stem cells. On separating the stem cells from the sample, they are returned to the patient’s blood stream so as to promote healing. Stem cells get introduced into the body via an IV; they go to the heart’s right side. When the heart pumps, they get pushed to the lungs getting trapped in a process known as the pulmonary trap.

Lung Institute lists patients who have undergone stem cell treatment as testimonials. Testimonials are usually separated into sections depending on their condition. The company celebrated their 1000th patient who got cured using stem cell treatment.

The Institute does not fully post costs of the treatment on their Web-page: However, it informs the patient that medical insurances do not cover stem cell therapy since it is not a conventional treatment but an alternative treatment. For the exact treatment cost, you will need to contact a Lung Institute representative. Lastly, the company offers numerous fundraising ideas used to cover the cost of the therapy.

The Lung Institute as a Center of Excellency

Lung Institute is a leading organization in providing medical treatment and research for lung diseases. They achieve this by use of regenerative cellular therapy. The organization has successfully treated over 3,000 people. At the Lung Institute, they recognize that their patients have different life stories which are talents, hobbies and careers despite having chronic lung conditions. Thorough screening of each patient takes place in the Institute so as to offer the best treatment.

Lung Institute aims to use stem cells to solve chronic illnesses like pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, interstitial lung disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They also have bone marrow and blood (venous) treatments available. There are many stem cell clinics, but Lung Institute is one of the few that offers specialized treatment of pulmonary lung conditions.

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Everything to Know About Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. The company specializes in providing expert knowledge in the in the forex and commodity market. Having spent more than three decades in the field, nobody is more qualified than Reifler. He is highly involved in community activities and strives to help people attain financial success. He is an outspoken person always trying to provide unique ways people can invest in, and secure a better future. Brad Reifler’s target is the lower middle-income group of citizens. He has publicly appeared to educate the masses on proper investment strategies and has been on several media outlets sharing the investment knowledge he has acquired over time.


Due to the high volatile nature of foreign exchanges and commodity markets, Brad’s services are highly sought after in the industry due to the long time he has spent in the industry as a trader and an advisor. Before forefront advisory, Brad Reifler was the CEO and Chairman of Pali Capital for more than a decade. He founded the company in 1995 after he sold his first company, Reifler Trading. He made over 200 million dollars with Pali Capital. Before then, he had founded Reifler Trading Corporation right after he graduated from college in 1982. Refco later acquired Reifler Trading.


Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Economics. He has helped come up with programs such as the forefront income trust to help lower income Americans get a chance to invest in the stock market.

Forefront Capital

Forefront Management Group is an international financial services company founded in June 2009 by Reifler. He is the current CEO of the company and its affiliates including Forefront Capital Markets, Capital Management, and Forefront Advisory. Forefront is a highly successful and respected company due to its ability to attract high-income individuals and businesses. To guarantee the alignment of its activities, the company will invests in proprietary capital time and again. The company’s goal is to provide clients with services beyond financial advice and create a long-term relationship with them.