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Posted by John Kokish on

Stream Energy’s Green Power Outpaces the Competition

As the technology behind green energy continues to get more advanced and efficient, green eco-friendly energy companies like Stream Energy are finding themselves in the perfect place for continued long-term growth (Askreporter). On the contrary, energy companies that depend on fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum to power their services, are increasingly finding themselves falling by the wayside as consumers and government policies move to support more earth-friendly clean energy providers.

With states like California and New York recently passing even stricter carbon emissions reduction laws and moving towards wind, solar, and natural gas to fuel their respective states, it is getting harder for known energy company polluters to turn a profit. Both California and New York are known as policy trendsetters for the greater United States, so it is highly likely that more states will follow suit in passing much stricter carbon emission restriction laws.

Stream Energy’s services are largely powered by solar, natural gas, wind, and other clean energy sources. Energy’s huge growth in the recent years points to the fact that US-based energy consumers are becoming increasingly green-conscious and unwilling to financially support any company that is not onboard with the most modern clean energy standards. No one wants a dirty state, and the first step towards that agenda is removing the largest corporate polluters from the area, and that starts primarily in the energy sector.

The more traditional fossil fuel energy sector hit the hardest in the green energy shift has been coal. Coal energy providers have seen harsh national laws passed towards reducing their carbon emissions to such a level that many of the providers have been forced to go out of business. Coal-based energy is seen as one of the dirtiest and most prominent polluters out of any industrial sector. While there have been many advancements in clean coal energy over the last two decades that offer a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, governments and consumers alike feel a need to shift away from coal-based energy completely. It is widely agreed upon the consumer based dollars used to propel and advancement wind, solar, and natural gas energy production is money better spent on securing a cleaner and brighter future for everyone.