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Focus on USHEALTH Group Incorporated and Its Products

USHEALTH Group Incorporated is a company that helps people access their own tailor-made health plans depending on their diverse needs. It is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has well over 50 years experience in the health insurance industry. The USHEALTH Group, through its subsidiaries, are real innovators in their industry and offer affordable, flexible as well as secure plans for both individuals and families. The two subsidiaries are; National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. The company is dedicated to providing inventive life, accident and disability insurance solutions, specified sickness/disease for families, self-employed persons, small businesses and their employees. The company has managed to serve over 15 million customers up to date taking tailored plans.


In delivering accident and specified sickness/disease coverage, the company understands that every person has diverse needs. The company strongly believes in offering its customers the right choice and makes its customers appreciate the large array of options available for them. The company goes ahead and promotes customer choice by developing a wide portfolio. The USHEALTH Group has ground-breaking product designs that are qualified in a unique way to address every individual customer needs for affordability, flexibility and affordability when selecting insurance.

Customers operating on a tight budget or worried about paying high deductibles before receiving any benefits have been considered by the company. The USHEALTH Group offers a portfolio of a number of innovative products, which offer first dollar benefits for the covered services as well as substantial network discounts by different providers.

USHEALTH Group strives to assist its customers ensure their protection regardless of the cover they choose by offering a wide range of ancillary products covering a number of areas. The company has managed to forge long term relationships with its customers despite the high rates of lower levels of customer loyalty. This makes the company a trusted friend and one who constantly delivers on its promises. Click here to know more.


USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries are guided by two chief truths in the course of delivering their services. The first fundamental truth is the fact that every customer is unique from the other and secondly, the “one size fits all” approach is never the solution. This is the reason why the company goes out of its way to offer a wide number of affordable solutions to meet the individual needs of every customer. After their customer picks their preferred plan, the group solidifies such a decision with top class customer service and excellent claim processing.


USHEALTH Group is ranked among the best American companies in terms of customer service. It also has the claim processing as well as payment cycles that the whole insurance industry envies. Its excellent customer care has earned it a stellar reputation that led to Better Business Bureau giving it an A+ rating.

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An Alternative Way for Protection Through USHEALTH Group


USHEALTH Group is a company based in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Two of its known subsidiaries are the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance. The company is keen to provide a healthy and prosperous life for all of its beneficiaries, that is why they lead the innovation in the field of health insurance and providing medical care. They cater to individuals who are self-employed, to families, and even to small businesses, along with all the employees who work there. Ever since its establishment, USHEALTH Group has already served an estimated number of 15 million customers, and they also boasts of insurance plans that spans for a period of fifty collective years.

No one would ever know when a health insurance could be handy, and in the chaotic world of health insurance, the confusion of what plan to choose just adds burden to the people. It’s a very good thing that USHEALTH Group have specialized agents that are more than willing to help their customer choose the most appropriate health insurance setting. They have high commitment in attending to their customers who put a huge trust in them. The company is also making sure that the innovations they are doing in this field echoes across the sea. USHEALTH Group is recognized to be a leader for growth, and that they are also regarded as one of the best in innovation, and most importantly, customer care. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group has a diversified coverage for all of its beneficiaries. The people who put their trust in USHEALTH Group have the freedom to choose which plan suits them most. People can either choose between specified disease coverage, or coverage for sickness and accident, or they can also choose to have the best of both worlds. The plans are also not expensive, and the people can make their own plan that they think would be the most appropriate for their budget. The company has a broad coverage portfolio for their customers to choose, and along with the fact that they are very innovative with their product, one could be assured that they would really deliver. Their products are flexible, affordable and reliable in times of need.

Customer who only have limited budget could avail of plans that provide the lowest price, along with other discounts. These are very affordable, without the need to lessen its reliability. Those who have extra money to shell out can avail of plans that offer better deals. It doesn’t matter what kind of health coverage their customer would choose from. What’s most important to USHEALTH Group is to assure that they can be a reliable company in times of need, and that they will welcome those who need them with open arms.

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Eric Lefkofsky Talks about the Importance of Establishing Database for Better Cancer Treatments

Today, doctors need proper data and information to be able to provide appropriate treatments to their clients. But, it is not just general data; they need specific clinical and molecular data to make an informed decision. This is exactly what has been missing from the medical research system for long. This is the reason why Eric Lefkofsky has set up Tempus to help doctors provide the best cancer treatment to their patients.

Even though one can easily find patient data, it has not been combined with genomic information and therapeutic data. It means that apart from the DNA and RNA makeup of the patient, the doctors need to know what treatments they are being provided and how they are responding to certain drugs. Tempus uses high-end technology to provide aggregation of clinical, molecular, outcome response, and therapeutic data to the researchers, doctors, and scientists to take forward the studies being done on better and more efficient cancer therapies.

Such data can help the physicians and researchers to corroborate various data available and find out why one cancer therapy is effective in some patients, and ineffective on others. Gathering such data manually from the hospitals and medical centers can take as much as 90 days as mentioned by Eric Lefkofsky during the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference held in San Diego. However, Tempus aims to make such information and data available in a free flowing manner in the medical field to help accelerate the progress in the cancer research.

Mr Lefkofsky is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the United States today and widely known for his startup GrouponInc, which is worth well over $2.2 Billion today. It is a company that connects merchants offering attractive and discounted deals with the customers. Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. During the time of cancer treatment, Eric found out that there is a need for proper data aggregation system that can help the physicians to provide individualized treatment, and hence, he came up with an idea to start Tempus. He is also the co-founder of other companies such as Lightbank, MediaOcean, and Uptake Technologies.

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USHEALTH Group Combining Excellence and Affordability in Insurance

In a perfect world, there are no diseases, health conditions, accidents, or even financial worries. Sadly, there is no such a thing as a perfect world and different kind of uncertainties are part of human existence. Fortunately, however, a few companies such as the USHEALTH Group Inc. do their best to bring the world much closer to perfection.

Offering Protection Every Step of the Way

Life is a long journey and anything can happen along the way. While some misfortunes can be avoided, you cannot always successfully evade most of severe mishaps in life. It is, thus, wise to have a protector watch your back and that of your family. USHEALTH Group, through life and health insurance companies operating under it has been offering coverage against particular diseases and sicknesses, critical illnesses, dental and vision health conditions as well as accidents for decades. Additionally, it provides financial back-up against loss of income as a result of accidents through the Accident Disability Income Insurance which is short-term.

Filling the Financial Gap

The death of the bread-winner often marks the beginning of all kinds of problems for the family members left behind. While no one can really fill the physical and emotional gaps left behind by the departed loved one, there is definitely something that can be done about the financial gap. USHEALTH Group insurance is always there to do exactly that for its members. All you need is to sign up for Life Protector plan which is renewable after 10 years. Thereafter, you don’t have to worry about the financial difficulties your family is likely to go through in the event that something unexpected happens to you, and you are either dismembered or pass away. See more.


Everyone needs peace of mind to enjoy life to the fullest. Getting insurance cover is the most practical and easiest way of protecting yourself and your loved ones against most worries in life. However, not every insurance company offers the best at the price you can comfortably pay. It is, therefore, important that you make your choice wisely. Apart from over half-a-century’s experience in the insurance industry, USHEALTH has some of the most passionate staff, determined to get rid of their client’s worries. Thanks to their dedication and use innovation, the company has won several prestigious business awards including the Stevie Awards.


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The Three Main Types of Anesthesia

The term anesthesia comes from the Greek words meaning “no” and “sensation”, meaning literally “no sensation” or inability to feel pain. There are three main types of anesthesia – general, regional and local. We’ll take a brief look at all three.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia usually involves the complete and profound loss of consciousness. Many people think of this as being put to sleep. However general anesthesia is a much deeper state of unconsciousness than sleep, there is no dreaming or perception of any kind. This ensures no pain is felt during traumatic procedures like open heart surgery.

Regional anesthesia

Regional anesthesia is used for serious injury or major surgery involving one or more regions of the body. Regional anesthesia does not involve total unconsciousness but usually will involve reduced consciousness through the use of sedatives. Regional anesthesia is often the pain management mode of choice for in-patient hospital stays.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is typically used for minor procedures such as tooth extraction or skin legion excision. It is qualitatively different from the other two forms in that it is usually highly localized. Local anesthesia is preferred for outpatient settings.

Capitol Anesthesia Associates

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates represents Austin’s leading anesthesiologists. Its physicians are among the most recognized specialists in their field and are universally board certified and recognized nationwide for outstanding care by groups such as the Anesthesia Quality Institute. For more information or to make an appointment please visit their website at