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Posted by John Kokish on

White Shark Media Highlights a Better Way of Doing Business

White Shark Media is one of the best things to happen to my business. Like a lot of people I’ve relied on Google AdWords. And, like a lot of people, I’ve found my results to be fairly lacking. It’s not hard to understand why. The platform has changed quite a bit over the years. What once was fairly straightforward has become worrisomely complex. It’s just not the one person job that it used to be. Managing Google AdWords has become quite a bit like any other type of multimedia advertising. Basically, something that needs to be handled by experts in the business.

I looked at White Shark Media because they have good word of mouth. However, what really prompted me to give them a try was how responsive they were to my questions. Not a lot of companies are willing to really engage potential customers in as dynamic and helpful a fashion. Talking to White Shark Media didn’t just leave me with an idea about the company. It gave me ideas about where I wanted to take my own business in the future. And that’s what really prompted me to sign up with them. For a change it really felt like I’d found a group of people who understood where I was coming from as a small business owner.

That’s also what’s kept me working with them. To be sure, the results speak for themselves. My AdWords account was maximized and optimized in ways I’d never thought possible. And my overall revenue stream has increased as well. However, it’s the fact that they actually conversed so openly with me at the beginning and that they continued to when I signed up that has kept me as a loyal customer. It was obvious right from the start that they respect customers. And that’s the kind of thing that I like to see when I consider doing business with someone.

Posted by John Kokish on

White Shark Media Proceeds With Growth As A Preferred Marketing Agency

Online marketing is something many small businesses try to grapple with but with the challenges it comes with, it proves difficult to make it through the difficult terrain. To record success through online advertising methods, businesses can opt for professional support, which exposes them to individuals who have the right skills to push for successful campaigns. One of the companies that has been offering reliable online advertising services is White Shark Media, a U.S.-based agency that was founded in 2011.


What White Shark Media does is to pick those difficult tasks of placing a business at the top of the competition chain, which is not an easy process in many dimensions. Over the years the company has been in business, it has managed to create a conducive environment where small and medium size businesses can market their products. As they take care of the marketing woes that affect most businesses, the entrepreneurs can work on developing better structures for their businesses. Most importantly, the AdWords packages that White Shark Media offers are affordable and ideal for growth.


Premier SMB Partner

The Google Premier SMB program only accepts companies that are established well in marketing. White Shark Media made it to be one of the companies that Google picked for the program in 2012 and they are today among the best-selling companies under this program in the U.S. With a growing profile and a better infrastructure for clients, White Shark Media has also been able to attract even established companies in the industry.


Their features are one of the reasons they have managed to get many clients and the accuracy at which they conduct their marketing is a plus for the growth of the company to become the only trusted partner for the Google SMB program. They also entered into a contract with Bing through the Bing reseller program.

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