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Des Perez Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Des Perez made a name for herself in the music industry over the course of her career. Des Perez works as a celebrity agent and a company leader. She is responsible for the growth of a large number of companies working in the music industry. She has been working for companies as well as for individual performers. Des Perez is infamous for her negotiation skills. Click Here for more.

One of the businesses that have benefitted from the expertise of Des Perez is Roc Nation. She used to work for it for some years starting 2008. Des Perez served as the chief executive officer of the company, and she was the leader during one of the deals. She had an active role in a contract that amounted to about 150 million dollars with another company under the name of Live Nation. The community expected that the two companies would join forces into a larger corporation, but there has been no information on the matter released yet. Meanwhile, Des Perez has been proving herself time and again as the leader of not only Roc Nation but a few other businesses as well. Juan Perez (husband of Des Perez) is known quite well in the music industry. He is also at the top of Roc Nation Sports.

Des Perez is also an agent of the stars. Des Perez has been making wonders happen in the music industry.
One of her most famous clients is Rihanna. Des Perez was at the forefront of the performer’s music tour. Des Perez negotiated a massive deal with the giant company of Samsung which amounted to well over 20 million dollars. Rihanna and Des Perez have become an iconic business duo. The two women have been working together for about five years. Meanwhile, Rihanna’s career has grown massively as the singer is an A-list performer. Des Perez has been making wonders happen in the music industry. for more.