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Clinton and Trump Have Very Different Plans to Make America Great Again

The financial crisis of 2007/2008 dealt the nation a huge blow. Some consider the crisis to be the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. Still in 2016 the country is trying to pick up the pieces scattered nearly a decade ago.

The presidential race is getting more intriguing with each debate. No matter which debate you watch a select few questions are always asked by voters. How does each candidate plan to reshape the economy for the better? All other questions just seem like filler in the grand scheme of things. Each candidate is well aware of this and have come up with plans containing several factors that may stand a good chance at have a large impact on the United States economy and financial markets.

Both candidate’s plans largely entail simplifying the tax code so it is more comprehensive to the average American thus, making it more accessible. Where the debate comes in is how each candidate intends to proceed with the process.

If Clinton is voted into office she aims to simplify the tax code by not only taxing capital gains based on an income bracket, but also by how long they’ve been held by an investor. This change would definitely affect those making at least $1 million.

Trump intends to take a different angle to simplify the tax code. Trump thinks the best course of action is to cram the existing tax brackets into just a handful of income levels. Trump also disagrees with how Clinton aims to affect the upper class. He wants to do away with select taxes that affect the elite.

The only thing both candidates seem to agree on is child care taxes. They both are in agreement on child care tax breaks to help families in need of assistance.

Even though both candidates may disagree on a lot of issues, they both have a common goal. To improve the economy for the future.

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